IntelliScreen – Bonus

IntelliScreen I missed a very important feature of IntelliScreen in our last review. When your iPhone or iPod Touch is locked and you can see all your choices, you can swipe to the right or left and a red button will appear that will let you launch the app. It works well and is usually pretty quick to open the app. This is nice when you get a new text message and want to reply quick. It also works for Calendar, Mail, News, & Sports. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:
IntelliScreen Slide To Open

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  1. tk102011 says

    what happens when you double click the home button. can you still stop and start and track forward and backwards on the ipod?

  2. tk102011 says

    if you know the developers, could you ask for some better ipod controls after double clicking the home button?

    like maybe a digital touch wheel to progress a track besides just skipping a track.

  3. Looks like NemusSync 0.5.3 conflicts with Intelliscreen. Once I installed i got a ical not available error. once I uninstalled, Intelliscreen worked.

    • just rebooting your iPhone solves the conflict; no need to uninstall Memussync!

    • yeah, mine eventually cleared up, not sure what triggered it…

    • tizocman says

      this screwed my iPhone and it had white lines going across the screen I had to manually put my iPhone into recovery mode then had to restore

  4. Sorry boys and girls but my Iphone’s touchscreen totally freezed up after installing this app. Perhaps conflict with KATE, I believe there is a focus problem. Was able to slide the intelliscreen but unable to touch any other option. Problem solved after a full RESTORE ;-( …btw Iphone version 1.1.4 I suggest wait for a new and improved version.

  5. ive tried installing this app after i already had vwallpaper and it caused my fone to crash. i tried installing this app by itself and it worked fine but it still crashed when i installed vwallpaper…can someone tell me how to fix the problem, ive looked all over.

  6. MaverickC17 says

    I really like this App but swiping bypasses the passcode lock. They need to fix this!

  7. even if i try to touch the lunch mail or lunch cal
    r not touchable also slide to power off isnt workin
    what can i do ?

  8. can ne one tell me why when I change the settings my lock screen never updates

  9. whats the source to this app?

  10. niklpl8dpokets says

    is there a way to disable the default pop ups on the lock screen for a new missed call or a new text message?

    • yes, an application called kate allows you to turn this off. I have it set so I only get the sound/vibrate notification and no pop up.

  11. Aewsome app. I’m using it on firmware 2.1 now. It saves my thumbs so much pain from typing each and every event in myself.

  12. Oops, sorry. Posted in wrong section. I meant NemusSync.