BigClock 1.0 & 1.1.1

BigClock BigClock is a simple application through the iSpazio source that displays a digital clock on your iPhone’s screen. The clock uses the entire screen. All you have to do is open the application and it will load the clock. I’m not sure what you would use this for on a daily bases however, I could see using it when we record our video podcasts so that we know how long we have been talking for!! Let me know in the comments what you might use this application for!

Update: There was a quick update to version 1.1.1 of BigClock. With the update, you are able to double-tap on the time to change it to military time. You can then double-tap again to change it back to standard time.

BigClock 1.0 BigClock 1.0 BigClock 1.0 BigClock 1.0

BigClock 1.0 BigClock 1.0

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  1. Thanks for posting!

    Brooke or Doug, I have a question. Where did you get that badge (the little red one thats on the mail icon?) I’ve been looking for those, but all I see to see is the small circle ones on Customize, etc.


    • That is actually the same as the circle badges. It turns into an oval type shape as tv number gets bigger. So, the circle badges will look the same as the badge on my Mail icon if the number is three digits.

  2. hey brooke this question really has nothin to do with this app but i didnt know how else i could ask u directly… i had seen other screenshots where ur name, bars, wifi, and time on the status bar to pink, well i was wonderin how i would be able to change that to green… including the battery on the right hand side (mine isnt a battery its the percentage)

    Hopefully u can help me out with this

    • You can use the Customize application to change those.

    • how do u use the customize to change the color of the “fake color”? right now i use MIM to change the carrier and where would i be able to find the file sets for it?

  3. you could use it as an alarm clock type thing to look at from far away

  4. pdxDavid says

    “I could see using it when we record our video podcasts…”

    You guys still do podcasts?!? ;)

  5. the update adds the feature to change to a different time on double tap (i think) it would be nice to have AM or PM

  6. Thats a really cool app. Thanks Brooke !


    It should ask for Landscape / Portrait Mode ! Pls forward request to developer.


  7. I think there should be add on packs for different styles of clocks, like the classic red LED or the old school flip over ones:

  8. how to download it to the iphone?