Newest Batch of 3G iPhone Pictures

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. maybe photoshop? change color?

  2. “slim” ? Rumors were that it will be thiker then current one

  3. It looks good, du you have an ideer for when it is for sale i the us?

  4. The light reflection on the red one (on the phone’s ear speaker) is red… It’s supposed to be white.. It’s a photoshop Hue effect… fake…

  5. they look the same to me they should have a new look

  6. Snipes300 says

    how fake can u get. Photoshop

  7. hmm.. it looks like a mix of an iphone and a SE …

    i like the colorline .. aspecially the black one ;)
    i dont like the round silver thing arround the camhole

    they forgot a few things though ..

    – the buttons on the side should be black on every phone. imo
    – what about the appstore ? (2. page ?)

  8. FAKE :)

  9. Even if those are fake, they still look lovely to me:) In love with the red one:D

  10. be realistic….no one knows what its going to look like. I wish everyone would calm down and wait for June 9th…..its not that far away. geez…

  11. Lust-worthy threesome!!!

  12. Just look at the Apple logo at the back! The bottom’s curves aren’t curves. Poor use of the pen tool.

  13. Yeah and it would be odd to release the “red” theme without the Project RED behind it. I still think it is kinda odd to have a brand new iphone already considering the current model could continue to keep selling through Christmas and it is only around a year in it’s life span.

    Will need more than GPS and 3G to get me to upgrade. I rather have more built in functionality to the phone like MMS, Wireless Sync, Movies/Podcast from itunes store and Flash. You don’t really need a hardware upgrade for that. If they are going to add something I would say putting speakers on the top and bottom would help. An IR Wireless port would be cool to use the iPhone as a TV Remote. I got my dad a Phillips and it is pretty cool but I could only imagine what the iPhone could do with it.

    Having a channel guide on the iphone then going into more info to view a trailer about the upcoming movie and see reviews. Calender alerts for shows you like.

    • Hopefully some of these features you want like MMS and things will work on the 1 Generation also with the software upgrade to 2.0.

  14. It’s nice but it’s fake :)

  15. Looks pretty legit to me although there is no icon for the appstore.

  16. It’s ultra fake.

    In the first image, the white iPhone reflection on floor is a black iPhone reflection and not a white as should be.

    In the second image, the iPhones reflection (on the floor) overpass each other, they should reflex a single reflection for the 3 iPhones

    In the third image, the white iPhone once gain is reflecting a black color instead of a white and plus the reflection is stronger (darker than the other ones that have darker colors.

    At last, I don’t thing Apple would use that kind of text design (mixing dark red colors with black), that’s have no design meaning since the phone comes in 3 colors and the text is typed in 2 of then, I doubt a professional designer from Apple or any other company would do that way.

  17. macswitcher says

    it’s an iphone with a cozip. :-)

  18. im using a cozip case and the pix is not cozip.. this is lovely photoshop i must say.

  19. sooo fake. it doesn’t even have an appstore icon.

  20. cool but photoshopped clearly
    see the reflections on the first picture
    and the buttons are f*cked up xD
    but i like the colors

  21. I’ve got to agree that I like the color choices for the fake 2.0 phones, but that’s about it. There’s definatly more than a few discrepancies though.
    ~ Lack of AppStore icon
    ~ Apple wouldn’t make such an ugly Camera with the white outline
    ~ There’s two pages of Apps on the pictures
    ~ The confirmed FW2.0 icon for iTunes is wrong
    ~ The Apple logos on the back are too pointy near the bottom
    ~ Apple doesn’t use this font, they’ve always had a signature font (Apple Gothic, I think?)
    ~ The earpieces don’t match
    ~ The bottom reflections are all black, even for the white one
    ~ It can’t be THAT much slimmer
    That’s just my two cents.

  22. According to TUAW, Apple has confirmed the looks. It will be a little Thicker than the current iPhone and will be fully Black. Even from the back.

  23. Extremely fake.

    Reflections are wrong, camera placed NEXT TO the ear thing while Apple will place it above the ear part. Screens are too pixelly.

    Apple would always, if there are multiple variations, see the left one on the side, middle product on 45° and most right product seen from the front.

    Does anyone agree?

  24. this one is far too “precious” and does not have that “easy” feeling that ipods have….

    new iphone should be all plastic and light

  25. it is obviously photoshop, i work in photoshop and i can see clearly that it is fake pics… just look at the camera in the front, its obvious that it has been pasted in there..

  26. and look at the icons! these are 1.1 – 1.4 version icons lol

  27. Please be real :)

  28. who cares if they’re fake or not. they look sweet. if they turned out to be like that then I am surely going to buy a new one. even if they don’t look like that I’m still buying one.

  29. Little bit of over reaction.

    Quit listening to the rumors, none of them have proven or not proven to be true, including the June 9th announcement date.

    If it’s not from Apple, quit dissecting it.

  30. Fake. “Make your choice.” “Extremely thin.” Very uninspired ad copy. Apple’s copywriters can do better than that.

  31. Why Red? wheres teh Dark Blue? =(

  32. Why Red?


  34. gotta be fake, do you remember Apple Taking down the spy pics of 3rd gen Nano …

    They wont allow anything real to get on the net…

  35. its almost the 9th, yeah i cant wait

  36. These may or may not be fake, but I have to say they look sexy. I hope the real deal looks similar to this :P, I mean I like the current look awsome but this is just…wow. All three colors look good on the iphone, very professional and soothing on the eyes. Like I said I hope the real one looks like this, Ill have a difficult time deciding on what color to get :P

  37. Very bealtiful! Slim Design and new functions.

  38. I don’t think Apple will let the logo unclear, like the middle one


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