Touchpad Pro 4.22

Touchpad Pro The update to version 4.22 of Touchpad Pro fixes a zoom bug that was present in the previous version. Touchpad Pro is available through the BigBoss source.

Touchpad Pro 4.22

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  1. kraussco says

    This Version is only released because the old 4.2 version is cracked

    • exactly. He’s just trying to cover foe the fact that this app will ( and always will be) cracked. Also I myself am using the newest 4.22 cracked ;)

    • Honestly, I find this a little sad. I’m perfectly capable of finding cracked apps too, but he did a really good job on this app. Even though it’s based on VNSea, this app, unlike VnSea is actually usable. I guess if you don’t need to constantly check on your computer, then a crack is fine, but if you really use it, I plead to you that you pay – it took work to do what he did.

  2. I know this isnt the place Brooke but can you please put up the update for islsk there is a new version of it… Anyway just thought I’d let you know cuz its like 5 days old now

    • Yes, we saw that update…we just wanted to test it before doing an update on it. I will try to get to it soon!

  3. Doug (or Brooke): check this out!!! Using your iPhone instead of your cards with barcode (for stores etc):

    you guys should try this and make a report, this is one of the most handy tips I have ever read!

  4. kraussco says

    Hey doug
    i write some emails to you about mapsoffline but you ve just ignored them

    • They aren’t ignored. The first time we used Maps Offline it was too complicated and we couldn’t make it work. We haven’t looked at the new version yet. We will check it again.

  5. is it possible to run it with RealVNC Enterprise Edtion 4.4 ??
    i can´t connect to my realvnc server, and i don´t want to use tightvnc :P

  6. this is my favorite app, i also bought media center

  7. Bought the activation…i say its great, but very laggy and has glitches everywhere. i would advise anyone who is looking to buy the activation not to buy it, it not worth $15, maybe $5-$10. Go buy 15 cheese burgers instead.


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