More 3G Photos

Well, if you haven’t seen enough, here are a few more claimed 3G iPhone photos. Let us know what you think. They feel very Macish to me!

See the full story on Engadget.

3G iPhone 3G iPhone

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  1. Finally, a scratchfree(ish) back for the iPhone

  2. they just look like someone has got a normal iPhone and replaced the back like the white or gold plated ones you get on ebay!!

  3. Omar Kamounah says

    I think its looks good, i would buy it:-) But i think it should look the same in the front as the back – it will look hot!

  4. Can’t you guys tell that it’s just an iphone CASE?! you can see right through the picture of the front into the inside of the case, there isn’t even a home button there either.

    • Now I look closer I can tell that

    • Yup…you can see right through the screen. There’s nothing inside of that phone! Look at your iPhone when it is turned off…the screen sure doesn’t look like that!!!

  5. Why can’t people just wait >_<

    I hope they make a 32GB though because I’m out of space!

  6. Its similar. Except it will be GLOSSY BLACK FROM THE BACK !

  7. realunknown says

    hey guys dont be silly its only a shield for iPhone its not a real phone , be careful and u can see its only a shield it hasenet got any screen it’s light you can see how the man got it in his hand . be patient until june 9th but i’m sure there is no new iPjone until 2011 .

  8. ok that is NOT the 3G . I have already seen one and while the back is black..its not cheap looking. That picture you have posted is a case they sell in Japan for 19.99

  9. i dont like it
    they can do better

  10. Steve UK says

    Here’s why I think it may be real…

    – The case is definitely a little more curved than normal, so it’s not just a normal iPhone case made white.

    – I may be wrong, but I think colorware leave the little volume buttons black.

    – yes, the photos only show the empty case, but if that were a standard iPhone housing, you’d be able to see the round back of the apple logo (I’ve been inside mine a few more times that I’d have liked)

    – The silver trim looks thinner than normal as though the dimensions of the phone will be trimmed slightly…

    – also, it’s quite likely that there will be a few empty casings knocking about (unless it’s just a concept that was rejected of course)

    Finally… I’d rather it look like this than some of the other pics that have been floating around…

  11. well all that seems to be is a backplate and a face plate from the customyour iphone website

  12. actually those panels are of Duplicate X-Phones ( Copy of Iphone ) SoLD in the markets of China…!!!