Touchpad Pro 4.31

Touchpad Pro Version 4.31 of Touchpad Pro just fixes another bug. It fixes the bug “that made the remote iTunes/Winamp display get corrupted when rotated.” I must say, the developer of this app does a good job of keeping it updated and functioning. Touchpad Pro is available through the BigBoss source.

Touchpad Pro 4.31

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  1. hey brooke the main reason i think he’s doing all the updates is because he’s trying to block the cracks that are made within days of the new update lol :D

  2. Yeah i agree :D But none of these efforts can prevent to be cracked ;) HunterX ruleZzz… :p

  3. it’s a great program, i paid for it. if you can spend all that money on an iphone and AT&T or other service, surely you are not that cheap that you cannot spare $15

  4. $15 seems like a smidget sized proprtion compared to $400…just my thoughts.

    Do all your complaining to the creator of the app, not here. If you want it so bad, pay for it. If not, stop whining.

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