Touchpad Pro 4.32

Touchpad Pro The update to version 4.32 of Touchpad Pro makes one change to the application. This is the change, according to the developer (via the source’s website), “I found out that lots of people don’t know you can scroll the remote horizontally. So in this release, the first time the remote control view shows up, it scrolls in, which will suggest to users how to access the other remote pages.” Touchpad Pro is available through the BigBoss source.

Touchpad Pro 4.32

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  1. why are you guys talking about cracks? Does the application cost somethign? I think i still have a free version on my iphone, i just never use it?

    • there is a free version but a lot of the features are only on the paid version

  2. I don’t understand why you guys are so against this developer. I paid for this application because I use it and it’s ten times better implemented than VNSea. I could care less if he’s updating to try and avoid the cracks, but so far every update has actually been useful.
    Let me know the next time you guys do anything that takes effort, and I’ll expect my free copy or labor. Thanks.

  3. VNSea can do the same stuff, but it can NOT do the stuff that is free with this app, like having a black screen on your iphone and JUST control, without seeing.

    So with VNSea you have all the features legally for free.
    Or did i miss a feature?

    • This app has MANY more features than VNSea, and it also works much better, BUT if VNSea does everything you need, you are all set. With TP it’s much easier to navigate and control your computer. VNSea touch gestures are just too clunky.

  4. What this app really needds is a TV-Controll.. I want to use it for my TV-Card.. i would by it without a doubt ;)

  5. skechada says

    This is an incredible app. Worth every penny at five bucks. I use it on my Home Theater PC all the time to control iTunes.

    I’m no fanboy, but this app does impress.

  6. how can the touch gestures here be so different? can s1 describe the difference?