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AppleiPhoneSchool It’s poll time again! The last poll was – Now that we know what the iPhone 3G offers….what will you do? Below are the results based on when we added the poll about week ago.

* Sell my iPhone & buy an iPhone 3G (19%, 417 Votes)
* Keep my iPhone & buy an iPhone 3G (22%, 497 Votes)
* Keep my iPhone & not buy an iPhone 3G (36%, 799 Votes)
* Buy an iPhone 3G (I currently do not have an iPhone) (13%, 292 Votes)
* I don’t really care about the iPhone 3G (9%, 209 Votes)
Total Voters: 2,214

Doug and I will both be keeping our iPhones and buying 3G iPhones. So, we are both among the 22% who will be doing the same! I am interested to see how this whole activation thing is going to work out…I have a feeling that is why a lot of people will not be upgrading! You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well. Here is the new poll:

What is your preferred method of Jailbreaking version 1.1.4?

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  1. How come iFuntastic isn’t an option?

  2. Ragnar Danneskjöld says

    ZiPhone is a dangerous piece of software. Pwnage/WinPwn is the way to go.

    • Gawd…quit complaining about ZiPhone. It’s used and there is a very long list of people that use it and trust it enough to use it. I am among those that trust it enough. it worked for me and that is all that I care about.

  3. Yea I use the ZiPhone 3.0 and I had nothing go wrong with it. Its perfect. But I bet sometime in life, im not going to use ZiPhone.

  4. It was done by apple….. One way of seeing how many of us jailbroke our phones. :)

  5. Winpwn RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I use iDemorcracy so please be sure to add me in somewhere in the facts and figures. :-)

  7. Thanks Brooke

    After the poll.

    I think the answer is Cristal Clear

  8. The answer is crystal clear now and it will definately be clear after the poll is over. The winner, by far will be Ziphone. I wish people would stop trashing this guy over helping millions of people to jailbreak their iPhones. I have used it several times without any problems. Its fast and easy. Just because BigBoss says its unsafe we all have to agree with him. NOT!

    • thanks for clarified my bad spelling DJ. Im too sleeply right now..i need a coffee.. :)

    • Just because a lot of people uses a product does not make a product godly (just look at microsoft).

      This poll holds no water, the best it tells is how many people are potentially in trouble.

    • ok .


      or maybe rummors..

  9. The reason why I picked ZiPhone is that was the method used on my phone.
    When I bought it was already unlocked.

  10. Phil, Washington DC says

    Ziphone works. That’s all. No issues. Until someone gives up something better and easier to use then it will beat the rest.