BossPrefs 1.69 & 1.70

BossPrefs The update to BossPrefs (a Services app for controlling features on your iPhone…toggling WiFi, Bluetooth, Edge, etc) adds quite a few new features. When you open BossPrefs, you will notice two new icons on the dock; Power and Poof. The update integrates the Poof application into BossPrefs. It works just like poof, which means you will no longer need to have Poof installed. When you tap the Poof icon in BossPrefs, you will get a list of all the application on your SpringBoard. You can then hide an application by deleting it off the list (this does not delete the actual application…it will just take it off your SpringBoard, thus “hiding” it). You can see the list of your hidden applications by selecting the Hidden option in the upper right corner. Just tap them to unhide them.

The Power feature, when selected, allows you to do a Fest Respring, Respring, Reboot and Power Off your iPhone. The Fast Respring option will respring your SpringBoard without going to the lock screen, Respring will respring your SpringBoard to the lock screen, Reboot will do a hard reboot of your iPhone bringing it to the boot logo screen and Power Off will turn your iPhone completely off. What I love about this, is it puts all the power options into one application (instead of two or three). I also like that the power options are titled correctly, making it much more understandable as to what each option does.

These two options, Power and Poof, have also been added to the Congfi menu. They are added to the BossPrefs dock automatically however, you can take them off via the Congfi menu…just toggle off the Show Power Icon and the Show Poof Icon options to do so.

A few other things to note are that when you update an application that is hidden, it will show-up on your SpringBoard after you update it. All you need to do is open BossPrefs and close it and the icon will be hidden again. Also, if you are going to uninstall BossPrefs BE SURE to unhide all your application first. If you do not unhide them before uninstalling BossPrefs, they are not restored. Overall, a very good update. BossPrefs is available through the BigBoss source.

Note: I did notice a small glitch in the application. The options in the Power feature will show up if you select the Power feature right after you open the application. However, if you open the Poof feature and then go into the Power feature, it will display the Poof options instead of the Power options. You can close and reopen the application to get back into the Power options.

Update: The issue above has been resolved with version 1.70 of BossPrefs.

BossPrefs 1.69 BossPrefs 1.69 BossPrefs 1.69 BossPrefs 1.69 BossPrefs 1.69 BossPrefs 1.69

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  1. Hi Brooke, do you know if this update will conflict with iReboot?

    Very good site by the way. Keep up the great work.

    • I have them both installed and there doesn’t seem to be any issues. Though, you don’t really need iReboot any more unless you want to keep it. BossPrefs does it all in the Power option.

      Glad you like the site! :)

  2. do we still need to keep the services app?

    • no..i do not have Services (never have) and this works perfectly…i personally like this better b/c it has IP # so when ur SSHing u dont have to go to settings =)

      hopefully boss prefs will add SMB prefs so I cna easily poof summerboard away

    • numb, I hid SMB prefs with Poof then put SMB prefs in the BossPrefs dock. Works great!

    • tank? are you serious? how are you able to do this? i dont have my iphone w/ me atm but I’m gonna go and get it from my mom (hides it cuz of finals yuck) asap thanks for the news =)

  3. boss prefs is one of my first apps to install and has been so useful living in Thailand where they charge for time connecting on edge. Works perfect

  4. now that bossprefs has poof bundled with it, can i uninstall the separate poof app?
    if yes, then do i need to first uninstall poof and then update bossprefs to 1.70 or after i update bossprefs?
    thanx, in advance

    • Yes,you can safely remove Poof after upgrading. The Poof-Function of BossPrefs works tzen.

  5. Does the new Boss Prefs interfere with Cydia to your knowledge?

  6. ajstarr23 says

    Ok, so after updating this, when I used the power feature, my touch screen stopped working. I could get into apps, but nothing would work!!!
    Had to restore. I’m not sure if this is an issue with boss prefs, or possibly iReboot or Power Manager. Pwnage tool gets to work again, I guess…

  7. Ambrosia says

    is anyone having trouble getting anything from the big boss source? my installer has it, but nothing that uses it (mxtube, boss prefs, etc) is showing up in my installer. i have 1.1.4…

  8. Antonio Max says

    What happens if I hide some apps and also hide the bossprefs icon? How do i get the app to open again?

  9. says

    I can’t unhide Boss Prefs? I don’t know how to get back to the app. it’s hidden some how. Send me an email with resolution

  10. ohh I don’t know how to download bossprefs to my iPod from the same iPod can u like give me some help . Send me an email with your help if u can help me .