has had an iPhone version of their site for quite a while now (Oct 07) but news is slowing just before the iPhone 3G launch so I thought I’d catch up on some old apps, in this case web apps, that got skipped. This will also allow new iPhone 3G owners to see things others may already know about. Finally, this will also add to our web apps category that isn’t very full right now. I haven’t been a big fan of web apps but there are some really great ones now and they are worth writing about.

Please send me links to your favorite web apps via our contact form on the about page and we’ll share them with everyone. Now, on to the web app review:

The link for the iPhone is Going to will still take you to the full site. The first thing you do is add your location. You can do this by tapping in your zip code or city’s name. You may add up to 5 locations.

There are three main choices at the bottom: Today, Maps, and Forecast. Today gives you all of today’s weather: temp, feels like temp, UV index, wind, humidity, pressure, dew point and visibility. It also gives you 4 more predictions for the next few hours. By tapping the “next” button in the top right corner you can view next 4 days of weather.

The Maps option gives you 3 map options and 4 weather overlays giving you a total of 12 different looks. Kinda like Google Maps, you get Road, Hybrid and Aerial. The weather overlay options are Radar, Clouds, Clouds/Radar and Loop. The loop gives you 5 frames.

Forecast option displays a 10 day forecast with a weather icon, high low temp and precipitation percentage for each day. You can tap on the column for more details of that day.

Another great feature is warnings scroll across in a red ticker. Tapping the details tab on the ticker gives you the full text description of the warning. Finally there is a tab in the bottom right corner titled “more weather” which takes you to a basic mobile page with more links. Looks like a page that would work on any mobile device. This page has links to video forecasts, pollen, almanac, ski reports, etc. Again, this all looks designed for any mobile device but still looks great on the iPhone.

A final note is that this website also looks great when the iPhone is rotated horizontally.

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  1. My favorite web apps: (Weather Underground) (Moviefone is also pretty good) (Youmail is pretty cool)

    • Thanks for the list, we will check them all out! I love Weather Underground, used it a lot during tornado season…

    • is the best. the developer is actually bringing it to the app store!

      weather underground is great too very accurate and detailed weather.

  2. hey tank, great list

  3. my favorite one is

    Very nice

  4. I like these app. However, there is any way to see it in Celsius?? Thanks

  5. Already I have found it, thank you. But it must be badly, it puts that we are to 10 more degrees of the real thing. On the other hand, even adding the app to my home screen, whenever I open it I must look again for my city…..

  6. are there any good iphone portals ?

  7. iphone portal that lists iphone version websites

  8. the native weather app is horrible. its supposed to be powered by the weather channel through yahoo but whenever i check the forecast on the weather channel’s site itself, the forecast is totally different. hope someone makes one for the app store.

  9. Thanks i do like this weather application. :)

  10. Why does not work anymore? It diverts my 1st generation iPhone to the xhtml version. If I type into my safari browser on my iMac, it has the images above? Did yank it so it can build an app and charge now?

    • glad I’m not the only one this is happening to! I like tv iphone version so much better!!!!!

    • I am experiencing the same problem with the redirect to the xhtml version. It is almost like it is not recognizing the browser as a Safari browser.

  11. tv should be the =]