Coming Soon – Spin the Black iPhone: Now Uses Accelerometer

We talked about Spin the Black iPhone a few days ago and posted a demo video. The developer has posted another video showing the application using the iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s built-in accelerometer. Check it out below. I added the previous demo video as well, just as a reminder!

New Demo Video:

Watch “Spin the Black iPhone” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Previous Demo Video

Watch “Spin the Black iPhone” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. LordOfDaFlies says

    hey thats amazing.

    when you guys first blogged bout this app, i said i wish we could tilt to control and here it :D

  2. This seems like an interesting idea. Labyrinth and aMaze seem kind of boring compared to this.

  3. its gonna be painful for me not to upgrade to 2.0 until the apps get ported….2.0 has some amazing apps…

  4. how it comes out in installer

  5. Nooooo! Honestly the accelerometer is NOT that great. Don’t get me wrong its great for many things. But Everyone is using them for games for 2.0 and it really isn’t that great of an interactive medium. Don’t tell me you don’t get annoyed by raging thunder or Isnake when using the accelerometer. I would much rather have a virtual steering wheel, or just a 4 way translucent button system for Isnake. The thought of having you turn your phone around and around frantically doesn’t appeal to me. Sorry, but I’m realistic (and in a bad mood today go figure). Hopefully you can choose which one you prefer in the games settings.

  6. I played that game on computer right after I read it was coming to the iPhone and
    I got addicted like the guy above said is gonna be hard not to upgrade.

  7. thanks for keeping up with the updates :D

    michael: accel control is an optional control scheme (the arrows being a second). accel controls are fun and intuative, however i can see that
    they will be impractical on the very very hard levels :p

    im glad everyone seems excited about the game.. With firmware 2.0… i dont have a mac at the moment. i may get one, im trying.