Nevelock 2.0

Nevelock is a simple app that will keep your iPhone from going into autolock when you are connected via SSH. After installing this app I turned on my autolock to 1 minute. When not connected to SSH the iPhone locked like normal after 1 minute. I connected to my iPhone via SSH and gave it another minute, this time it shouldn’t have locked, but it did. So I turned my iPhone off and back on to see if that would help… it didn’t. My iPhone still locked after a minute even when connected to SSH. Let me know if this works for you and what you did to get it to work. You can get Nevelock via the iSpazio source.

UPDATE: iSpazio let us know in the comments that the way this works is based off the status of the switch in Bossprefs for SSH. So you will need to install that. It does not monitor if you have an SSH connection made.

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  1. yeah did mot work me also

  2. you do not use it properly
    if you install bossprefs, and you enable both SSH and Nevelock
    it will work

    then if you disable only ssh with bossprefs, after 1 minute, nevelock will lock your phone
    if you enable ssh (through bossprefs) nevelock will not lock your iphone…

    the deamon of nevelock check the active ssh connection on your iphone, do not check if you are running winscp on your pc…

  3. I keep getting a “Main script execution failed!” error. Any advice?

  4. This app seems pointless. Is it that much trouble to go into settings and switch it to Never?

  5. Not sure why this app would be needed….If you are going to go into Boss Prefs to turn SSH on or off…why not just change the timer settings instead.

    Better yet…why not create an app that changes that setting directly….tap it once…it turns the setting to NEVER LOCK…and shows an Unlocked symbol on the icon…then tap it again and it goes back to what it was originally.

    Just a thought.