iFastSwitch 1.3 and Skrew Common 1.44

iFastSwitch The update to Skrew Common and iFastSwitch allow iFastSwitch to have some cool new features. Instead of swiping your finger from the upper right corner to the middle of the SpringBoard to activate iFastSwitch, you now swipe your finger across the statusbar at the top of the screen. You are also now able to activate iFastSwitch in others applications and not just when on the SpringBoard, as long as the status bar is visible. The ability to toggle SSH via iFastSwitch is also available in this update. And finally, the airplane mode icon turns red when it is toggled off. You can get iFastSwitch and Skrew Common through the Skrew source.

iFastSwitch 1.3

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  1. SkrewCommin Version 1.45 is out ;)

  2. este programa es mu muy muy bueno.

  3. What is the source??? i put this one i.danstaface.net but it does not work on cydia