– Canadians Fight Back Against High Data Plans From Rogers

If you haven’t heard, Rogers, the Canadian iPhone provider, recently announced their voice and data plans for the iPhone and Canadians aren’t too happy. The biggest problem is there is no unlimited data. If you are Canadian you can sign here or you can view the petition here. There is also a blog. Here are some comments from the petition:

– I waited a year to get a legit iPhone and now I’ll be waiting until our third carrier launches after the spectrum auctions….
– I’m going to stick with your competition (aka Bell) until you decide that your customers are important and deserve to be treated fairly. I guess this means no iPhone for me but at least I’ll be able to eat. Thanks a bunch for screwing up a great product!
– Rogers’s iPhone pricing is unacceptable, I won’t purchase the 3G iPhone because of that
– A plan that discourages web usage defeats the purpose of an iPhone. There’s no chance that I’ll sign up until you offer unlimited data

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Twitter comments:
Halloween-2005-smaller_normalMishkaOttawa: I don’t see an iPhone in my future, thanks Rogers for the rate plans ReplyView Tweet

Cutout_normaljawadshuaib: Seriously Ted Rogers, do you really think I will pay $60/month for 150 minutes & 75 text msgs of iPhone 3G? crappers ReplyView Tweet

Greg-ny-sf_normalgregsadetsky: Rogers iPhone pricing: bad, bad, bad, bad.: Expensive and sad. That’s all I can say… ReplyView Tweet

Me_normalmarckboucher: Rogers in Canada is offering a bad plan for iPhone customers, I was going to switch from Blackberry but now I’m not so sure. ReplyView Tweet

Akumar48x48_bigger_normalkumar: rogers botched the iPhone in Canada = epic fail ReplyView Tweet

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  2. Thanks for posting this up on your website it will help create more attention, I as a Canadian am so upset with Rogers and hope something will be done but I doubt it will.

  3. I know it’s not as bad as our buddy’s to the north, but we should really do the same in the USA. I can see it getting that bad here. Not sure if i’m the only one but i’m not that happy with the way AT&T are doing things.

  4. DA187SUSPECT says

    This disgusts me. The only reason I use Rogers now is because I have no choice. They’re the only GSM network here. I think I should break into they’re storage facility and fill up an 18 wheeler truck with the 3G’s. Anyone wanna buy one for $19.99? Just email me, lol.

  5. I don’t see the big fuss. I bought a special unlimited data plan for 3 months (@ $15 per month) from Rogers with my current iPhone just to see how much data I actually use in a month on edge when I’m not worried about paying 0.05 per KB. I purposely used edge whenever possible (even if WiFi was available) in order to maximize my usage. In the first month I managed to use just over 28Mb of data. In the second month, I really went great guns with maps, e-mail, web browsing, google, etc… and used a whopping 94Mb of data. So, even if I double the 98 in month 3 and end up using 188Mb of data… what would have cost me $9,400 (@ 0.05 per Kb), is now going to be included in the $60 per month plan. Unlimited data is great, but do you really need unlimited?

    Is it possible that I’m the only Canadian who is not bothered by Rogers plans? I for one am happy to see the iPhone finally come to Canada legit, and (insult me and put me down as you will), I am very pleased with the plans that Rogers has offered for the new 3G phone.

    • DA187SUSPECT says

      Hey Tim, you’re one lucky guy, I’ve never seen a TRUE unlimited Data plan at Rogers yet. Even my IT guy at works shows me all of our Corporate Blackberry plans and we still get charged after a certain amount. Trust me, Rogers will screw you on the iPhone plan some how. $60 is not a lot of money, but they’ll get ya somewhere. Come back in a month and let me know how pleased you are with their service. I’ve been with them since forever and I’ve never had anything great to say about them as I’m sure many people have. If it works for you, then great, wish I was in your shoes, but unfortunately I have no choice but to bow down and use their service so I can continue to use my wonderful 8GB iPhone that I was able to purchase in the Apple store from the US. Good luck to you!

    • Its not just the data. The voice/texts included are next to nothing in the $60 plan. Also, when you add call display, voicemail (who wouldnt want visual voice mail?) you’ll end up with a plan thats $80+13% tax for next to nothing.

      And, 400mb is a little. Maybe if you’re only browsing the web and sending emails. It would be nice to watch youtube videos, or stream internet radio while in the car and do all this fun stuff without worrying about bandwidth caps.

      But, we let Rogers become a monopoly, there is always small cell phone companies trying to win a small share of the market, but we all just hand our money to Rogers so I guess they can do what they want. But all i know is I’m sticking to my 1st gen iPhone, it looks better anyways.

  6. some1 needs to start a petition right here in the us for the iphone3g for the simple fact that it doesnt have MMS or a video recorder, 2 simple smartphone requirements

  7. I already posted this on TouchPodium…:

    Just to compare… These are the rates of T-Mobile Germany (€ converted to USD):

    – Complete S
    Price/month: 45 $
    Free Minutes: 50
    Data: 0 MB
    Free SMS: 0
    iPhone 3G 8GB: 265 $
    iPhone 3G 16GB: 390 $

    – Complete M
    Price/month: 76 $
    Free Minutes: 100
    Data: 300 MB
    Free SMS: 40
    iPhone 3G 8GB: 94 $
    iPhone 3G 16GB: 234 $

    – Complete L
    Price/month: 108 $
    Free Minutes: 200
    Data: 1 GB
    Free SMS: 150
    iPhone 3G 8GB: 2 $
    iPhone 3G 16GB: 62 $

    – Complete XL
    Price/month: 139 $
    Free Minutes: 1.000
    Data: 5 GB
    Free SMS: 300
    iPhone 3G 8GB: 2 $
    iPhone 3G 16GB: 31 $

    Data: UMTS & T-Mobile HotSpots
    Price/Minute after free minutes: 0,45 USD
    Price/SMS after free SMS: 0,30 USD


    Greetings from Germany,

  8. support us at, together we have bigger impact.

  9. what I would like to know is who the heck came about putting or even charging forms couple of megabytes of data it should be unlimitid to begin with NUFF SAID!!!

  10. The site is down… What’s going on?

  11. @ Manny, Ya? its not working. it was 2 hours ago.

  12. Well…. It’s quite a coincidence… The site is down… We sent an email to James, and he replied that, all of a sudden, the provider pull the plug… Is trying to put the site back on… :-( What’s going on !!!

  13. I’m still waiting to see what are the plans the iPhone will have once it’s released in my country Colombia. I’m still sticking to my current iPhone though.

  14. I work at Rogers and the rumor floating around the tech department is that Rogers Legal had the site taken down with a DCMA request as the server was in the States. This thing with these requests is that they are “remove now and ask questions later”. the hope would be that the site stays down until the 11th at least. It’s all agreed here that IF this is indeed what they’ve done, they’ve bitten off more than they can chew as far as public backlash is concerned. Company wide, we got a mome this morning telling everyone that “iPhone rate plans are not to be discussed with ANY media representative and that all requests for comment should be directed to PR.” They are REALLY flipping out over the bad press they are getting. They new SOME folks wouldn’t be happy, but I don’t think that the suits envisioned a total consumer revolt on the issue.

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