Nike, Apple and 24 Hour Fitness

Engadget had an article a few days ago that describes Apple teaming up with Nike and 24 Hour Fitness to bring technology to the gym. 24 Hour Fitness has said that they will be launching equipment that works in conjunction with Nike+iPod, allowing members to keep track of their cardio workout. The new equipment is scheduled to be launched in July. Which only makes one wonder if it will be around July 11th. Here is what Engadget is speculating.

The press release only mentions the iPod nano. In fact, that may be all that we’re talking about here. Nevertheless, July is synonymous with the iPhone 3G, 2.0 firmware, and App Store launches and there’s that little ol’ patent application (the source of the picture below) which describes leveraging the iPhone’s sensors to turn it into a “lifestyle companion.” Nike of course, already confirmed that its Plus system would be extending to the iPhone and iPod touch sometime in the future. July seems as good a time as any don’t you think?

Nike, Apple and 24 Hour Fitness

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