Apple’s iPhone 3G Guided Tour!

Apps Apple has released their Guided Tour for the iPhone 3G. The video covers every aspect of the new iPhone 3G. Everything from what the Home Screen is to how to make a call to how the iPhone 3G’s dictionary adapts to the words you type. It covers it all!

You can also watch the What’s New video which gives a quick overview of the new features of the iPhone 3G and firmware 2.0. It is around 10 minutes long.

You can watch and/or download both videos HERE. Enjoy!

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  1. I know they will have exchange server stuff – how about regular ‘active sync exchange’ using bluetooth? Always plugging it in is a drag….


    I’m getting on mxtube now!

  3. is there going to be a jailbreak for the 2.0 software? if there is that would be cool. i watched both videos and some of the games and apps on the app store are really cool, even if the update is $10 for the ipod touch…