Tapulous – Tap Tap Revenge, Twinkle and Friend Book – App Store Apps

Tapulous is a company that will be bringing three applications to the App Store. Two of which we are already very familiar with…both Tap Tap Revenge and Twinkle are apps currently available in the Installer. These are actually two of my favorite applications…I’m really excited to see what has been done with them especially since it has been said that both apps have been improved from their current versions! For example; Tap Tap Revenge will have the ability to play two player (see demo video below). It seems that Tap Tap Revenge is going to be free when it is first released via the AppStore (though that could change) and I do not have any pricing information on Twinkle. We are also not given any details on the Friend Book application but, it looks to be some sort of business card replacement application. At least the their poster’s tag line is, Business Cards Are So Last Year (see image below)

Demo Video:

Watch “Tap Tap Revenge” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

For more screenshots of Tap Tap Revenge check out Nate True’s Blog.


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  1. Tap Tap Revenge… for free!?!? I would gladly have paid for that. I love these guys :) Great way to build a fanbase!

  2. We’ll now be forced to decide between Twinkle and Twitterific.

  3. keep all apps free :)

    • moncerth says

      yeah!keep all apps free at appstore and installer will be gone…

    • Cramster911 says

      Yeah, seriously, I’ve seen so many good apps previews so far that it’s almost like Apple is actually trying to accomodate its homebrew community the way Installer did which is quite a nice thing. Wish the PSP could have done that, but its ok bc they hack the psp firmware the day its released anyway. YAY

    • fab rick says

      There are still plenty of apps that can’t go in the appstore because of Apples rules. Installer still has a future.

  4. Cramster911 says


  5. ^^ what other websites did u write that on, i really want to know because the only 2 websites that are decent is this one and iphonefreakz, This site is better but i want more variaty to catch all the details

  6. None of your Business says

    not aviable yo??? whats the deal… i cant download it??????

    help yo?!!!??? motherlicker!!???!?!?!?!?!?

  7. Hi twinkle has been removed from my app store and I do not know what to do ?! I want my twinkle back please help

  8. Twinkle has been deleted from my app store too!!!!! And I really want it back!!!!!!!!!!! Is it still available!? Please help!!!!!!!!!