First iPhone 3G Unboxing Photos

Below are some iPhone 3G unboxing images that were posted in the forum. From the pictures it looks as though it came with a power supply, adapter, headphones and the Information Guide. I wonder if it will come with the microfiber screen cleaner and Apple stickers this time? The worst part is that I still have to wait 2 3 (sorry, I was jumping the gun!) days to get my hands on my new iPhone 3G!!

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  1. Markisha says

    I don’t really care about iPhone 3G! Lucky me! No hipe this time! :-)

  2. Cramster says


    Seriously, though, I’m getting my iPhone 3G Friday morning. Sign here if you’re the same.

  3. Jeremiah van Oosten says

    There will be one store Rotterdam, Holland that is open at 12:00 AM on Friday morning and will have 500 copies of the iPhone for the first 500 customers. I’m not going – it’s going to be a mad house and I don’t feel like getting crushed.

    Here is the link:

    Use your google translator to translate to English ;)

  4. Mike Zappa says

    The stock of the “Ebay 3G iPhone” just raised 10 points.. Its official. No purchase without a contract. This now coming from Apple themselves.

    What to bring.

    To purchase and activate iPhone 3G, you need the following:*
    Credit card
    Social security number
    Valid government-issued photo ID
    Current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T)
    If you already own an iPhone, remember to sync it with iTunes one last time before you get your new iPhone 3G.

    *Transferring your mobile number will terminate your service with your existing provider; termination fees and other charges will apply. New two-year contract required. Qualified customers only; credit check required; must be 18 or older. Visit to check AT&T network coverage in your area. Current and new iPhone users who now or will receive service under a corporate account and wish to upgrade to or purchase iPhone 3G need to contact AT&T directly. iPhone 3G is configured to work only with the wireless services provided by AT&T.

  5. john larsson says

    First of all those pictures a soooo fake.. why all the fingerprints on the back when the phone is brand new? And the inside of the box looks messy and just not the nice and smooth apple style! Just a coloured iphone 2G with a last picture made by photoshop

  6. I still don’t see the fuss, payg customers like myself are more than happy to use thier home net connection for the iPhone, so I get faster than 3G anyway, and with todays street crime there is no way I will ever use my iPhone outside other than taking a call, so using wi-fi at home does me fine, the 3G is lame, simply because it’s obvious apple could have done this with the original iPhone, but what do they do, wait a year and release a so called updated iPhone just so all the apple lemmings go out and buy it.

    All I want is to be able to use 2.0 on my payg sim, and have all the installer apps and themes…no need for a new phone.

    • I am so with you. I wish everyone stayed away from the 3G. It is an insult. They could have done that with the old phone. Count me out oh that phase.

  7. Paul D. Spradling says

    Comes with smudges out of the box :D lol

  8. alex_dlc says

    thats sucks, europe wont get the new tiny charger, we get the normal one

  9. Cristiano says

    Props to Portugal ^_^

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