SwirlyMMS 1.1

SwirlyMMS Version 1.1 of SwirlyMMS, a multimedia text message application, fixes quite a few bugs and adds just a few new features. Below is the change log via the developer. I am still unable to get this to work with AT&T. Let me know in the comments if you were able to get it to work with AT&T and how you did it. You can get SwirlyMMS via the Swirlyspace source.

Note: Since the last time I did a review of this application, it has really improved! There are now Inbox, Outbox, Sent and Trash options which make make navigating your text messages much easier. They have also made adding media to a text message quick and simple through little buttons. I think it is a great improvement…it looks very clean and user friendly (see screenshots below). Also, it is now only a 14 day trial after that the app costs $8.00 USD.

Version 1.1 Change Log:
    • Sending an MMS to multiple receivers is now handled the correct way which means that the MMS is just sent once and not, as before, one single MMS to each of the receivers.
    • A received non-UTF8 encoded text part could sometimes result in that the whole text part didn’t show up at all
    • Corrected a crash that some users always suffered from when opening a new MMS in the Inbox
    • A few users at certain operators suffered from seeing a totally empty MMS when opening them in the Inbox.
    • Sometimes it was not possible to receive and send an MMS when WiFi was enabled/active. That is now corrected. Wifi can be left on all the time.
    • Ability for users to create emails containing log files and other useful information and send it to us
    • a lot of other smaller things

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  1. Come on,

    “Also, it is now only a 14 day trial after that the app costs $8.00 USD.”

    This is crap, seriously.

    • You’re outta your mind. Why charge for an unfinished app? You charge after it’s complete. $8 isn’t too much for this app. As much as people have been complaining about the lack of MMS, you’re lucky they didn’t charge more for it. The demand is certainly there. I believe it’s reasonable and they should get paid for their hard work. I don’t know many people that work for free.

    • Seriously!!!
      If you don’t want to pay don’t install the app. It is worth more than $8.00. If you read through this forum I have been very critical if the Developers of this app. That’s when it was free.

      they’ve refined the app and it works perfect with Tmobile. Kudos to the team. Not everything with Iphone should be free. Try and support your developers… the app is completed.

  2. Cant get it to work with ATT at all, anyone have the correct settings or know of a solution, I did call them they added MMS to my account .30 per pic sent but I cant send anything, thanks all

  3. Nettwerk says

    well i can send only small txt files, but not pictures m… :/

  4. Has anyone been able to get it working with AT&T Go plan? When I login to my AT&T account it shows multimedia messaging as part of the plan, and I get errors when I attempt to fetch or send.

  5. AT&T Guy says

    I am a AT&T employee, AT&T has blocked MMS from the iphone. It is a soc code that is tied into the actuall Iphone Data Plans. This is not AT&T’s doing, this was Apple making us block it. As apple see’s it the Iphone is more designed around e-mail, which is lame. I also have my Iphone Jailbroken and have been working on getting Swirly to work. It is very frustrating to have one of the best devices out in the US and not being able to use MMS. I have heard that the 3G iphone will be able to do MMS, it will be a app you can download from the app store, price is unknown yet.

    • Thanks for the info. I guess us AT&T people will have to wait and use the App Store one.

    • Phil, Washington DC says

      FIGURES! I knew Jobs and his cronies would figure out a way to up sell MMS. If the app is FREE in the AppStore then I’ll eat raw coffee beans! MMS and LIve TV (AT&T has) would complete this phone. The camera could use a little upgrade too. I will gladly pay for it..

    • thanks! cant wait for that app. my friends always look at me like im on crack when i explain to them my phone’s lack of mms.

  6. I actually got it to work….the only thing is I have no idea what I did. I downloaded the app about a week or two ago and put in the settings I found on the SwirlyMMS website…never got it to work. This weekend I put my SIM card in my old Razr because I was going to the beach and didn’t want to mess up my IPhone. While I was using the Razr I was just messing around with the mms messaging. Yesterday I put the SIM card back in the IPhone and just for the hell of it I tried SwirlyMMS….holy crap it worked. I sent and recievied a few pictures. Bad part is I did this yesterday afternoon then last night when I tried it again it wouldn’t send or recieve anymore and I just kept getting that same error message. Maybe I tricked the AT&T server or something when I switched phones.

  7. I’ve been using swirly since back before AT&T blocked the use of it. I am still using AT&T, and I have the unlimited multimedia package. It SUCKS ARSE to be paying for a service only to have it blocked by the people taking your for said service.

    So I went and found a thread (months ago) in which a dude posted that he’d called AT&T and told them that he needed to have his service unblocked because he uses another phone just so he can receive any mms messages he may have been sent. I finally got around to doing the same thing, and I now have swirly working on my 1.1.3 iPhone.

    I took my daughter’s blackjack, put my sim card in it, and called AT&T tech support. I spoke with the nicest woman and she was very helpful. I told her I use another phone chiefly to receive mms msgs (make sure to have your sim card in the other phone when you call) and she did whatever she did to unblock my service. Swirly has been working perfectly ever since.

  8. I’m on AT&T with the iPhone plan and have Swirly working just fine for me. Have Been using it for a long time.

  9. smart guy. Dumped AT&T years ago. Mms works great with tmobile.

  10. T-Mobile works great! I love this app, it’s totally worth $8. I send picture messages all the time. I seriously don’t know why apple didn’t allow the iphone to send MMS… I love the hacker community! Keep up the awesome work!

  11. in regards to apple making iPhone most for email would be fine if everyone used an iPhone but they don’t! So mms is needed for regular hand sets.

  12. Anyone know if its possible to get the older version of Swirly? 8 bucks for this after it being free for so long is crap. :-\

  13. i installed swirly and when i restart my iphone right before the home screen comes up it flashes black n white stripes a couple of times n then its fine .but that scares me because that looks like it may crash. is this normal??

  14. Hi everyone ive got the unlocked jailbroken iphone with T-Mo and in running version3.8 i had the same problem. Had all the settings right and still didnt work, a day later……… it started working, however im STILL NOT able to VIEW the mms, i posted up the problem and got No response on swirlyspace. the swirly app says i need a mobile finder/mobile preview and when i went to the app store mobile finder isnt even avail. yet!! and no such app for mobile preveiw!!
    anybody have ANY insight on what im doing wrong??

  15. @ iphone lover

    att did not give me the settings. i used the settings that are commonly associated with att’s network. mmsc.cingular.com/

    phone still going strong btw, getting mms picture texts all the time, once i put the word out to friends to send them.

  16. I have the right setting that every one is posting but still get and error msg: “failed to send mms, possible incorrect mmsc setting unexpected http respose (http/1.1 403 forbidden) can someone tell what is the error. Like i said i have the exact settings everyone has posted for ATT

    • I’ve been doing a lot of searching, as I too would like to use mms on my iPhone. AT&T has a contract with Apple, in which they will automatically block mms service for all iphone plans. I just argued with several people for an hour this morning, only to be told the same thing over and over. The best thing to do seems like is to put your sim in another att phone, and call them and tell them you are using a different phone, and they will activate it.

      I haven’t tried it yet, but from what i’ve read, it works.
      Beware though, I have also read ATT has a snoop program that checks the iphone accounts every night, and if mms is detected, it will automatically disable it. Haven’t tried it yet, so I’m not sure how accurate this is.

  17. I think there are enough pissed off iPhone owners to get apple to cancel this setting. Something must be done about this. Apple needs to stop trying to control how people send pics, and ATT should be filed against for disabling a service that is being paid for, as well as not informing the customer before they spend $400+ on an iphone that the service you are FORCED to purchase will not be fully functional.