Ed Baig iPhone 3G Video Review

USA TODAY’s Edward C. Baig reviews the new 3G iPhone on the “Talking Tech” web video show. Baig gives the new iPhone 3.75 stars.

Watch “Ed Baig iPhone 3G Video Review” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. That review was useless. He must have lost his notes.

  2. Cristiano says

    LOL He was complaining that it doesn’t have a memory card expander …. ummm theres reasons for that idiot! One the iphone has 16GB of space I don’t know any other phone that offers anywhere near that amount of space that is why they offer memory card adapters so you can turn your 2 gig into 4! which is sitll no where near the iphone. Also he was complaing about 3G not being everywhere …. umm that is not Apple’s fault complain to AT&T! Then he complained there was no voice recognition …. do people actually use that i’ve had many phones that have that feature and always hated it and never used it!

  3. Haha, I agree with everything Cristiano said. xD

    I’ve always wondered, do people really use voice recognition? It is really that much faster? Besides, you would probably look like an idiot if you’re sitting at the bus shouting “CALL MUM”.

  4. Just forget about 199$……as you all know that there will be 2 years contract with AT&T….so… Iphone 3G is not cheaper than the first Iphone if you think about AT&T contract.