Firmware 2.0 Link

AppleFirmware 2.0 is now available here. Once downloaded hold the shift key in iTunes and select the downloaded firmware. This will break your jailbreak or unlock. We are testing and will let you know how it goes. So far Gizmodo has loaded it successfully.

UPDATE: See comments below for updates.

UPDATE 2: We now have Firmware 2.0 working on Brooke’s iPhone. We have installed a few apps and all is working well!

You can also get it on our Firmware Page.

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  1. So, ummm a Jailbroken iPhone in Singapore wouldn’t qualify for an upgrade? Right?

    *please say no* lmao. I seriously can’t wait for the official launch which is months away. And I’ll be in UK by then…. Oh the tragedy, of life!!

  2. is this just for iPhone or it will work on iPod too.

  3. i just post tis as a comment

  4. im good so far verifing iphone firmware right now almost there!

  5. it just finished

  6. my phone took 3 sec to activate and i noticed the connect to itunes image is a little diff

  7. Mine is taking a long time during this: Preparing iPhone software for restore….

  8. Doug/Brooke/anyone shouldn’t we still be able to use winscp?

  9. You can’t upgrade unless you are on AT&T right??

  10. Doug, at the Moment you cannot downgrade to 1.1.4 when you have once upgradet to 2.0

    You have to wait for dev team or zibri realese.

    iStef (from Germany)

  11. I down loaded the firmware , but it doesnt have a boot menu to start it, can you help?

  12. do i need itunes 6.2 or 6.1 for downgrade?

  13. Just upgraded to 2.0, Not bad but I have been waiting for the exchange portion for some time now. If you don’t need business funct I would wait it out

  14. Do you have to move the download, I restored it, but it doesn’t upgrade any portion of the 2.0 . Im using a mini mac to down load the firmware

  15. my sister got an ipod touch, its 1.1.4, and ive installed some stuff already, but now it wont let me, it says packade download failed, what do i do?

  16. does this work on ipod touch

    • No, this won’t work on the iPod Touch. The FWs are different because of the phone aspect, as you can imagine. Also, Apple is charging for the FW2.0 update for this platform.

  17. john larsson says

    Before installing a new package you have to clear the que.. if you don’t your iPhone will automatically attempt to installed the same package all the time!

  18. where’s the ipod touch version?

  19. David Pexton says

    Anyone want to place a wager on how long it will take to unlock firmware 2.0?

  20. jb tommorow i bet with Winpwn, I hope for windows:)

    Dont care about unlock as I am ATT Customer:)

  21. I GOT IT TO WORK FIRST TRY! All I did was update iTunes to 7.7, then download the FW2.0 from the link above. After that, I restored my jailbroken FW1.1.4 to FACTORY FW1.1.4 to get rid of the extra crap, then Shift/Clicked the Restore. I think its also worth mentioning that it took a ridiculously long time, so be patient. Try this and see if it works, Doug! I’m off to play with FW2.0 for a while :D

  22. byronchurch says

    I’m hesitant to upgrade to 2.0 . I’ll get a new 3G tomorrow and I’m wondering if a jailbreak 1.1.4 might be more valuable ?

  23. has anybody tried this on the ipod touch???

  24. Here’s the error I’m geting:

    • That is something else … Maybe it has to do with … IMEIs or something? I couldn’t tell you why mine worked the first time …

      Side note ~ FW2.0 is kinda glitchy, lol. AIM keeps crashing and the whole phone lags a little when typing fast on SMSs. I had to restart it three times to get it to go “normal.” I’m guessing it’ll all pan out in a day or two. :D

    • Okay I uninstalled/reinstallled AIM and it helped that problem. Now for the lag that keeps coming back…

    • Try booting your computer. Seriously, I never reboot my Mac unless I get an iTunes error. Rebooting always fixes the problem.

  25. It’s been pointed out before, but I’ll do it here also.

    DO NOT attempt to update to 2.0 yet if your iPhone is jailbroken or unlocked. If you rely on jailbreak apps, or you’re using your iPhone on a non-official carrier so you need to unlock your phone, then you will have to wait till the dev team comes out with an official jailbreak and unlock solution for 2.0.

    However, if your iPhone is on a official carrier (AT&T in the US, O2 in the UK and so on), you should first restore your iPhone to the factory 1.1.4 firmware if you’ve jailbroken or unlocked it. After that, you should be able to upgrade or restore the phone to 2.0.

    And yes, I know there was reports of the jailbreaking methods for 1.1.4 working on 2.0 a couple of months back. But that was only the method used to get software onto the phone. for example does not run on 2.0 yet, and hence other jailbreak apps can not be installed. Not to mention that most jailbreak apps don’t run on 2.0 yet either.

    • So what file do you tell iTunes to grab? They all seem to be grey.

    • Help.. can someone give clearer directions… I can’t select any files once I tell iTunes to upgrade.

    • Hmm, if all files are grey, it could be that you’re a mac user, and you downloaded the firmware file with Safari, which sometimes tends to rename the iphone/ipod touch firmware files to .zip.

      If that’s the case, get info on the file, and make sure the filename ends with “.ipsw”.

  26. I’m on 2.0 with AppStore. It’s awesome.
    Everything works great.

  27. I would like to point out that just a little snooping and I found the applications folder under mobile applications on a mac and the apps are in .ipa format. In theory, we could just add installer into the folder is we could convert the format from .app to .ipa. If im wrong tell me but I feel like the folder being exposed should make it possible for us to add third party into that folder then therefore into iTunes.

  28. bigmcq77 says

    anyone have any idea when the ipod touch version comes out????

    i fell not special and excluded, thanks apple…

  29. Was getting install errors earlier. Upgraded to Itunes 7.7, and so far, so good. Still ugrading to 2.0

    • Success !!!!! Works like a champ !!

    • stephanie says

      How did you get it to work? did you restore your 1.1.4 to factory settings then just upgraded to 2.0? or did you left it unlocked and jail-braked then upgraded to 2.0?

  30. anyone else having problems with mail after installing?

  31. ballzack says

    how do u instal it i downloaded the file and now have know CLUE what to do next!!!


    • Did you find your clues? Still having problems installing after downloading the file? You could consider going to iTunes now, as 2.0 is available through iTunes. The file is 214 mg and for us that is about ten minutes – others may be faster.

  32. ballzack says


  33. Is this considered the final firmware update that will be officially released tomorrow?

  34. Where’s the iPod Touch version? Will that be released tomorrow?

  35. when is the official version of 2.0 coming out (like from iTunes)

  36. I only have one question……..

    Is the AIM app in the appstore better than the current agile messenger app for the iphone and is it worth upgrading to 2.0 for?

  37. Earlier this morning I tried to upgrade my1.1. to 2.0 , I tried 4 times and with some help on here , I still did not have success . I was using my mini mac. The ironic part is that , I decided to use my windows laptop, downloaded the app to the desktop, upgraded my itunes to 7.7, held the shift button, clicked the restore button, and ……….. Im on 2.0. Like someone noted earlier, it does take a bit longer then a regular restore to but it is worth it. Lots of new apps, contacts search, app store(youdont have to be on wifi to connect and download), new calculator, a button just for contacts. There are a few things that I was hoping that they would do for texting( make is possible to forward texts, make it possible to set up group texting, text ring tones that can be assigned to different people) The deleting of mass emails takes a little while , but I like it so far. Thats my 2 hours of playing info

  38. I forgot to mention, when you do hold the shift button, while having itunes 7.7 running , hit the restore buttone, and you have to choose the firmware that you down loaded on the desk top. One you have done that it will start. after you have done this, you will see that itunes will change to offer the app store, the mobile be set up, and ………………………. well you will see the rest. Thanks

  39. safari renamed the firmware when i downloaded it. had to use firefox for it to work.

  40. I cannot upgrade to 2.0. I attempted to both, restore and upgrade. Every time I do this I receive the following error:
    ‘The iPod “iPod” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (5).’
    Please assist.

    • That is because this is the iphone version, it won’t work for ipod touch, still waiting for someone to pass the link to the ipod restore package…

  41. me too. i am a little late cause i had to go do some IGG infusions :(. but im soooo excited

  42. It works!!
    just download the firmware restore package from the original apple server, then shift-click restore in itunes, browse for the .ipsw-file you downloaded from our friends at apple corp. and select it, it will work on a jailbroaken ipod touch with firmware 1.1.4, you wont need to restore to normal 1.1.4 first!

    Ps. you don’t keep installer or any installer-apps!

  43. topRobin says

    if anyone need unlock FW 2.0 with jailbreak then contact me i have custom FW that i made for me and oh god i just loved it.