Still No MobileMe (or .Mac)

mobileme1 Well, .Mac went offline last night like they said it was going to however, we have yet to see MobileMe go online. Currently when you go to you get a page saying This Service is Temporarily Unavailable and if you go to it forwards you to Apple’s website. I’m guessing the delay is intentional. It could be that they are waiting for the release of firmware 2.0 before they go live with MobileMe (which is rumored to be released today).

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  1. Rooligan says

    It was an hour ago for a short while up and running and had the change to create an account!!!

    See below the welcome email I got (text only of course here…)

    But indeed now it is offline again… Also if you install the latest iTunes 7.7 on your Windows PC you will find in your configuration panel the mobile me preferences icon, also this one is not connecting at this moment…

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  2. Apple shud release mobileMe before the release firmware 2.0. Thats the right thing to do i think :s