Spirit Jailbreak Now Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Spirit The Spirit jailbreak has been released. It is an untethered jailbreak for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The jailbreak is available for both the PC and Mac. Below is some basic info about the jailbreak. For more information and the download links, check out Spirit’s website.
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blackra1n RC2 Released – New Features, Clean Icy

##ICON_NAME## Last night, GeoHot has released blakra1n RC2. The jailbreak offers a few more features such as a tethered jailbreak for out-of-the box 3.1 firmware as well the new iPhone 3GS that ships with the new bootrom. The new version of blackra1n also includes a working version of Icy… the previous version of the jailbreak included an older version of Icy which was causing issues for a lot of people.

You can download blackra1n RC2 at blackra1n.com.. There is both a Windows and a Mac version of the jailbreak. Below is a complete list of new features for blackra1n RC2.
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purplera1n Now Available for Mac [iPhone 3GS Jailbreak]

##ICON_NAME##George Hotz has now added a mac version of purplera1n to purplera1n.com and an upgrade to the PC version. This is currently the only option for jailbreaking the iPhone 3GS. Let us know how it works for you. Again, no support for winterboard yet.

You asked for it, and we delivered. I’m not a mac coder, so AriX and westbaer stepped up to do it. Check out AriX’s blog here. Download link on purplera1n.com, and thank AriX and westbaer next time you see them!

Also, some more payload stability improvements were made, and the windows version was updated to RC2a. There is no reason to run RC2a if you already have RC2 installed.

Jailbreak now Available for Windows and iPod Touch (2nd gen)

##ICON_NAME## It seems the Dev-Team has updated their website to include a Windows jailbreak and 2nd gen iPhone Touch jailbrealk. Both of these use a jailbreak called redsn0w (simular to QuickPwn). Go HERE for the downloads. However, they have also updated some of their info…their 8 points have changed slightly so make sure you read them again. [Read more…]

Still No MobileMe (or .Mac)

mobileme1 Well, .Mac went offline last night like they said it was going to however, we have yet to see MobileMe go online. Currently when you go to Mac.com you get a page saying This Service is Temporarily Unavailable and if you go to Me.com it forwards you to Apple’s website. I’m guessing the delay is intentional. It could be that they are waiting for the release of firmware 2.0 before they go live with MobileMe (which is rumored to be released today).

MobileMe launches July 9th

mobilemeIt seems that .Mac will be transitioning over to MobileMe on July 9th between 6pm and 12:00am PST. At 6:00pm PST .Mac will officially go offline and then somewhere between 6:00pm and 12:00am PST MobileMe will launch. Here is what the .Mac website says,

As part of the MobileMe launch, www.mac.com will be taken offline at 6pm PT on Wednesday, July 9th. Members will be unable to access www.mac.com or any .Mac services during this time with the exception of .Mac Mail accessed via a desktop application, iPhone, or iPod touch

.Mac users will be automatically upgraded to MobileMe. You will still be able to use your .mac email address however, you will also get a new address at me.com with your user name. You will be free to use which ever you prefer. You can go HERE for more information on how the transition from .Mac to MobileMe will work.
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mobileme – me.com

mobilemeOk, I can’t take it any more! As much as I love writing about update and new apps….I just have to write something about iPhone 3G and the announcements Apple made yesterday during the Keynote at WWDC!!

Doug has been doing a great job of writing about the new features of the iPhone 3G, which countries it will be released in, jailbreaking the iPhone 3G, Apple/AT&T’s new activation policy, iPhone 3G and GPS, the price of the iPhone 3G, what is going to happen with the iPod Touch…not to mention photos of the iPhone 3G, the Keynote Video, the Keynote being available on iTunes, the Keynote in 60 seconds and the new iPhone 3G commercial! That seems like a lot of iPhone 3G information but, I can’t help but write about something that Apple has just announced so, [Read more…]