Another 4th Generation iPhone Found [Video]

4th Gen iPhone Oh boy, here we go again. It seems that another 4th generation iPhone has been found (this time in Vietnam) however, this one seems to be a little more polished and a little closer to the final version of the 4th gen iPhone. Unlike the one found in Cali, this one does not have the screws in the bottom next to the speakers and has all the info on the back of the iPhone (it seems to be a 16GB version).

Below are a few pics via Gizmodo and a video showing more of the detail of the iPhone. It was found in Vietnam so, I’m guessing the guy in the video is speaking Vietnamese.
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Jailbreak now Available for Windows and iPod Touch (2nd gen)

##ICON_NAME## It seems the Dev-Team has updated their website to include a Windows jailbreak and 2nd gen iPhone Touch jailbrealk. Both of these use a jailbreak called redsn0w (simular to QuickPwn). Go HERE for the downloads. However, they have also updated some of their info…their 8 points have changed slightly so make sure you read them again. [Read more…]