Jailbreak now Available for Windows and iPod Touch (2nd gen)

##ICON_NAME## It seems the Dev-Team has updated their website to include a Windows jailbreak and 2nd gen iPhone Touch jailbrealk. Both of these use a jailbreak called redsn0w (simular to QuickPwn). Go HERE for the downloads. However, they have also updated some of their info…their 8 points have changed slightly so make sure you read them again.

“redsn0w is an easy to use, multi-platform, multi-device jailbreaking and unlocking (iPhone 2G only) tool for the iPhone 2G (original iPhone), the iPhone 3G (but not the 3GS) and also the iPod touch (first and second generation). Currently it is available for Windows and Mac OS X (there are some issues using redsn0w with OS X PPC, please use an Intel Mac until we have this problem resolved).


If you want to build custom firmware files with more flexibility it is suggested that you use ‘PwnageTool’ on Mac OS X.

1.GOLDEN RULE: If you are using a 3G iPhone with yellowsn0w and rely on yellowsn0w to obtain cellular service, then you should NOT use redsn0w right now. Ultrasn0w (the 3G carrier unlock) is not included with this release and therefore your baseband will be locked and unable to use an operator other than the official one it was bought for. UltraSn0w will be released via APT (cydia and icy) soon. If you have an original iPhone (1st generation) then 3.0 carrier unlock works with this redsn0w release.

2.Yellowsn0w in its current form will NOT work with the baseband version that is present in the 3.0 update, you will need Ultrasn0w, which will be released sometime soon, Ultrasn0w will work with all iPhone 3G models (but not 3GS), even ones that were previously unlockable, Ultrasn0w (when available) will be released via APT (this means you will be able to get it via Cydia or Icy).

3.Please read all parts of this post before downloading and using these tools.
4.Read items 1, 2 and 3 again and again.
5.At the bottom of this post are the bittorrent files for the latest version of redsn0w.
6.This app is suitable for the recent 3.0 release
7.redsn0w will NOT work for the iPhone 3GS.
8.redsn0w WILL work for Original iPhone (1st Generation), Original iPod touch, iPod touch 2G and the iPhone 3G (not the iPhone 3GS).

To use redsn0w simply upgrade the device in iTunes to firmware version 3.0 and run redsn0w to activate and jailbreak the device (and if you are using an original iPhone 2G, it will unlock it too!)”

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  1. Been waiting for that !!!!!!Dev Team u ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now only ultrasn0w and verdict of DEV TEAM on 3GS jailbreakablity is awaited.

  3. great! that means it will unlock my iphone too!!

  4. iLove my iPhone says

    i dont know if the method for dfu changed but it took me 4 attempts and my cida keeps closing on me, i hope its not due to my messed up atempts at dfu. maybe a reboot will fix it

    • Cydia keeps crashing on mine too, and I did get into DFU on the first try. Everything else seems to work jut fine

    • iLove my iPhone says

      im glad its not me i thought maybe bc i was trying to install an app thats not 3.0 compatible but idk, it crashes even when i browse. anyone else have this problem/know a fix?

    • Stevey101 says

      I have to agree to. Cydia right now is pretty unstable on this 3.0 firmware, or so I have found on my iPod Touch (1st Gen)

    • iLove my iPhone says

      im on an iphone 2g and used the windows redsnow

    • cydia was extremely crashy on me too at first. be sure to install any updates in cydia. and restart your phone after the updates. cydia seems fine now. i have winterboard installed so far; getting started on more =]

    • How can I download winterboard again I just jailbroke my iPhone 2g and I can’t find winterboard anywhere in cydia where the he’ll is it. I can’t get any custom stuff without it. Anyone know where to get it? Is there a repo source or something that I need to install?

    • i found winterboard but….no icon showed up after download….i feel ya, I didn’t even remember what a stock iPhone looked like….I am hoping to find out how to get it real soon….

  5. iPhoneMan says

    FINALLY!!! man i was soo waiting for this day!! :D

  6. I have a problem after using Redsn0w, all works fine except the Itune store, here is the link to what my store looks like


    YES I did a Clean restore to 3.0 on my Iphone 1G, YES I did resn0w exactly as it says but the store is the only thing that does not work right

    Anyone have any suggestions please

    Thanks all

  7. anyone have news about frimware 3.0 for 2Gen iPhone …..anyone can help me please ???????????????

  8. Nycphatdude says

    I have a iphone 2g. I cant turn my phone off, it just reboots everytime i try turning it off. will i have a problem putting it into DFU Mode ?

  9. Hi, I have iPhone 2G. I updated to fw 3.0 yesterday using pwnag tool with my mac! Is the new redsn0w better or more stable than pwnage?

  10. I was able to get tethering and mms working with the AT&T USA ipcc file. I jailbroke with redsnow this morning and cydia does seem unstable. Also, the icon for cydia is showing the icon of a different app but it still says cydia and opens cydia. Also, my tethering is no longer working. It hangs at aquiring network address. Anyone else have similar issues?

    • What is ipcc file?

    • i second that and how did you get mms working with att usa??

    • I did a google search for USA AT&T ipcc and dowloaded it, then in iTunes I hold shift while clicking update button and there is option to choose the ipcc file. Loaded it and I now have the camera button in my text. I put my sim card in my wifes BJ2 and and made 5 calls to my voice mail. Verified on attwireless site that I now had a BJ2. Put my sim back in my iPhone and I was able to successfully send about 8 picture messages before it stopped working. Now if I send a pic, it puts a lil red dot next to the pic, if you click it, it says the message failed and gives option to try again, but it does not work. Same thing with tethering, it worked for two days, now it just sits at aquiring network address. AT&T possibly catch on???

  11. Hey Brooke is LOGOME supposed to work for 3.0?

    I have tried to download and it sadly will not…

    am i doing something wrong> or does it need an update still

    iphone 3g atnt redsnow jailbreak

    • LarryInAz says

      LogoMe did not work for me. I was able to install and start the app but it would not flash the file with the graphic.
      Small price to pay IMHO to be able to make the iPhone “look n feel” the way WE want instead of S Jobs. ;)

    • @LarryInAz


  12. I used quickpwn to jailbreak on 2.2. This ipsw and jaibreaking thru i tunes???? Has got me confused

  13. I was prepared for hours of backup and restore, but redsn0w ran fine and just dropped cydia into my apps. No need to sync or restore from backup afterward. Best jailbreak yet. Youtube seems ok, cydia had correct name and icon. Using an iPhone 3G from last July.

    Installing apps with cydia went a little screwy. This is the first time I’ve tried queuing them, I got 20-30 blank “Okay” popup at the end of the install of packages [winterboard + smoog, sbsettings + theme + autolock + rotation inhib, categories, weathericon + smoog + tick, liveclock]. Went back and did them 1-by-1 and it went ok; it didn’t seem to download anything on the second try, just jumped right to install.

    Springboard restarts seem slower. I sit and stare at a blank screen for 30s after the beep wondering if the thing has locked up. The thing buzzes at me everytime I reboot. WeatherIcon + LiveClock don’t seem to work. Winterboard + SBSettings are working fine.

    • how do you install or run redsnow?? When I downloaded it it just saved onto my computer as a torrent file….and nothing on my computer will run it, I am a pretty good hacker on the iPhone I have a first gen unlocked and jailbroken…I know to install 3.0 through iTunes, then run redsnow but idk how to run it or whatever

    • LarryInAz says

      Hmmm – Liveclock works fine for me.
      However WeatherIcon also didn’t work for me, can’t even install it from Cydia.
      When I choose the Install and Confirm button my phone instantly crashed.

      Another utility that doesn’t seem to work is FontSwap. It installs and I can pick a font but after respringing the Default icon remains. ;(

  14. mark.daddy says

    so does this unlock iphone 3g????????????
    I CANT WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!

  15. mark.daddy says

    so does this unlock iphone 3g????????????
    I CANT WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

  16. It’s just a jailbreak! Read the Dev’s blog….

  17. ok.. after installing things like reflective dock, 5 row icon, some hackulous apps.. i tried respringing it.. and it just gets stuck at the apple.. has that happened to anyone yet? cuz i jb it like a few times already.. still having the same issue..

    • Does it work when you don’t install those apps? It might just be the source.

    • Yablonsky says

      I’ve had trouble with the 5 icon dock app causing the update and jailbreak to have problems….just do a full restore and then jailbreak again and it worked.

  18. Thanks so much!!! It works great!

  19. QuickGold (an app launcher) Backgrounder and Stumbler Plus do not work on the 3.0 firmware. QuickGold causes instant crash to Safe Mode, and Backrounder only causes it when I try to initiate it (by holding the Home button down), and Stumbler Plus just crashes back to SpringBoard. Other than that everything works fine.

  20. The only problem i have found is that a lot of themes dont work anymore and im getting an error in cydia whenever i try to install anything. and im hoping that they get the five icon rows and collums back soon!

  21. Crash, crash, crash. That’s all I get with Cydia. Upgrades won’t install with multiple error popups. Cycorder won’t run AT ALL!! Cydia server times out constantly. I feel for Jay Freeman, but It’s almost unusable. Any way how I can get Icy app on my phone now? It doesn’t show in Cydia repo. Please fix things Jay !!!!!!!!

  22. how do you run redsnow?!?! I cant get my first gen iphone unlocked b/c idk what to do with red snow it just saved it as a torrent file what do i do now??

    • You gotta download a bit torrent program called bitTorrent 6.1.2 then useing the file you have the program will dl the zip file.

    • dude thank you so much i am usually pretty good with computers but damn i felt like an idiot on this one ha ha

  23. Cydia is working fine for me but a lot apps still dont work like font swap and a lot of themes… cant change sms backgrounds and keyboard themes…My main problem is in settings… i lost all the options like phone..mail contacts and photos and sound… all i have in setting is brightness wallpapers and general… anyone know why this is?? should i restore and redsnow again?

  24. quickenergy says

    YouTube says “Cannot connect to youtube” any fix for that?

    • I had that same problem, I just restored my phone to an earlier date, and it worked after that.

  25. ok so i’ve jailbroke my phone before, I’ve already upgaded a few days ago so do I need to download the firmware for 3.0 to use with redsnow? any help would be nice.

    • well if you have used quickpwn before it works exactly like quickpwn, you have to browse for the firmware that is on your phone (in your case 3.0 if you have upgraded) wherever it is saved on your computer in order for redsnow to jailbreak it….so my answer would be….yes…if thats what you were asking

    • I can’t find the firmware on my computer. b4 i would download the firmware and save it in a folder where i could find it. When i download the 3.0 firmware, it saves it as a rar file and when I look for the restore file, i get a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with what I need. Oh well, I’ll figure out somehow. thanks anyways. :-)

    • did u download the firmware with itunes or did u do it manually? (like from a website/or somthin)

    • I updated the other day with itunes, but I’ve also downloaded the firmware from this website. when I download though it saves it as a winrar folder. when I put it in a different folder(for redsnow to find) there’s nothing that can be found

    • Yea this website has a page of all the firmwares download it from here and it will save as an ipsw file

    • if its a win rar file, then it needs to be unzipped, also, if u downloaded it through itunes, then it should be here:

      Mac OS X: “~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates”

      Windows XP: “\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates”

      Windows Vista: “\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates”

  26. so is anyone else having the problem of….oh idk….NONE of their apps showing up?? I plug my phone in after the jailbreak and the unlock and it says i have 2 gig of music and 2 gig of video and 167 mb of apps but….no apps or games…

    • actually i have categories installed, and when i open categories and hit add to certain folders everything i have downloaded is in categories, but if i add them to the folder and hit done nothing is there….so….is categories not compatible with 3.0?? If it isn’t, not a big deal but just throwing this out there in case anyone else runs into same problem….

    • Categories is workin fine for me. See what you have to do is, delete the old folder and make a new one. For ex, i had the delete my games folder and make a new one, and make sure there is an icon next to the name. If theres no icon, that is wont be recognized as a folder. after that, i was able to add all my games to the folder and it works fine, hope i helped

    • wow…learn something new everyday….awesome help!!! I appreciate it

    or it will catch me ??

    iam using 1st generation iphone <3.0

  28. Sounds like way too buggy yet for me to go ahead with this. I will wait a bit until it gets sorted out!

  29. just jailbroke/ unlocked my 2g iPhone… Cydia is working fine but no apps from app store work!? even the ones that say they have been updated! anyone got any advice please!?

    • Read my post above I am in same boat idk what is happening

    • are your apps showing up on the phone??

    • yeah all app icons are on the spring springboard but after u tap them to open it just flicks back to springboard after what seems a second of trying to load the app (even facebook and shazam that have apparently been updated).

    • hmm….there are alot of different problems people are having after jailbreaking the only one i had was my apps just werent showing up but it was b/c of categories I didn’t know I had to delete old folders and make new ones….but if I was you I would just restore it in iTunes and then run redsnow again and see what happens, I had alot of problems when I was trying to jailbreak 2.0 firmware and no one else seemed to all I did was kept trying it took me 3 attempts before everything worked….kinda sucked but least I got my iPhone back

    • I’ve figured out what’s wrong and it’s so simple, the phone be crazy! any new apps from app store work fine, delete an app off springboard (like facebook) and then re install it, it works!
      thanks for ur input though.

  30. I have installed firmware 3.0, 3-4 times today, every time its a different problem, the latest one is that notes dosent work.
    have had:
    phonenumber problem.
    2 times it just stuck at apple.

    Havent tried windows jailbreak, tried it but it didtn work for me, just stuck at “downloading something……” have anyone had the same problems?

  31. crisis core says

    i have a problem with the cydia. it keeps on lagging when i click a choice. plus there is no a-z-# bar at the right like there should be. any help would be nice. DX

  32. I can’t get this redsnow crap to work. When I go to redsnow it asks for the ipsw that I’m using, but I can’t find it ANYWHERE! I’ve tried to download links for the firmware and keep getting a winrar folder. when I look in those folders(trying to find the ipsw) theres nothing that can be used no restore file, nothing. please someone help! I’ve jailbroke numerous times before and it was never this hard.

    • bonedpoop69 says

      after you have updated to 3.0 using itunes, start up redsnow. then browse for a folder called iphone software update, and your 3.0 ipsw should be there to use.

    • I’m with you, having the same problem…… someone please help??!!!

    • You use a program called bittorrent 6.1.2 to dl the redsnow file that you downloaded from dev team site then unzip it then download the 3.0 firmware from this site and save it to your computer and then run redsnow and browse for where you saved it any problems email me I was in same boat I figured it out

    • Thanks Brandon!!! I didn’t know we could get the firmware from this site. I kept getting custom ones…….. Thanks again man!!!

    • I used utorrent. should i use bittorent instead? also my computer is trying to save the firmware files as a winrar folder, when before i would download them and it would be a file. Can’t figure this out. any suggestions?

    • Brandon, whats your email address and i will send you a screen shot of what I get when I download the restore file. Its a folder not a file

    • also if it is saved as a winrar folder it just needs to be unzipped, are you on mac or pc??

    • I finally got jailbroke! :). I had to change a setting in my folder options so I could see the firmware file in redsnow. Thank u 2 eveyone who helped and gave me suggestions. You guys rock!

  33. i just cant get it to work, it said to wait for iphone to reboot, waited allmost 15 min, and nothing, have to hard restart, and back to emergency calls only:-(
    Anybody else have the same problem????

    • i had same issue on my phone when i was unlocking/jailbreaking 2.0 software….i just kept trying and eventually it worked, however, this time for 3.0 it worked first time…all phones are different, and make sure you have stock 3.0 ipsw from this site…just keep trying i know it is a pain but it should eventually work..

  34. see this is y i am going to wait a month or 2 after everything is compaatible with the 3.0 FW But im still pissed rthat im going to have to reinstall everything back onto the fone

  35. Dublavee says

    where can i find the ISPW for my phone?

  36. I finally got it!!! thank you to everyone who gave suggestions and tips. Honestly thank you very much :-)

  37. Im having trouble running redsnow… everytime it begins to jb the program crashes… any solutions??? thanks

    • ok so i finally got it to work.. everything is running smoothly no problems at all.. however.. firmware 3.0 never let me send picture texts.. or recieve them.. i thought that was one of the major changes?????

    • well if you are on at&t it is a major change; however, it will not work on my sisters phone either, I called at&t and spoke with an apple rep and he said the software for it is there, but at&t isn’t ready for everyone with iPhone to send and receive pics yet, he said they will send out a little update that will allow you to send and receive pics in the near future(by the end of the summer)….I have t-mobile on my phone and I relied on swirly mms, but it is not compatible with 3.0 yet so I am totally in the dark on that one until they reformat it for 3.0 which I know won’t be too long creators of swirly are usually really quick about it….hope this helps!

    • thanks!! it was a big help.. cant wait for it

    • yea, there are some people here that say they have mms working on at&t usa, and I asked how but no replies….so idk how they are doing it

  38. I am using a 1st Generation iPhone, I installed OS 3.0 from Itunes and ran redsnOw on Windows… Everything went right.. Now i have OS 3.0 on my 1st Generation iPhone..

    thanks iPhone Dev team

  39. Audiomic says

    Just a quick question, I didn’t see it asked or answered here, but if it was & I missed it I apologize. If I jailbreak with this now on my 3.0 iPhone 3g, can I unlock at a later date or will this lock my baseband in?
    I’m confused because it says that ultrasn0w will be released through cydia or icy. So I’m assuming I would have to jailbreak with this first and then unlock or am I misreading this?

    Thanks for your time.

  40. javisegura says

    I’m stuck on emergency calls only after using redsn0w… The iphone receive and make normal calls, but can’t open springboard or anything, just “emergency calls only” screen….. Please help

  41. well i was having alot o the same issues you were having with redsnow, i however downloaded a different version, (from different site) and worked great, everything is stable, and works wonderful, however, i have no sound option anymore in settings, i can’t change things like ringtimes or text message tones, etc, anyone have any idea???

  42. dang lot of ppl having problems with redsnow… maybe u guys should just wait till everything is stable… i’ve already tried this with my ipod touch 2g and i’ve ran into problems like my settings werent working and installing cydia apps …. so i’ve put this off untill they come out with a better jailbreak..

  43. I am having difficulties…everything is working perfectly until the “waiting for reboot” at the end…any ideas? it wont move past that stage.

    using redsn0w .8
    windows xp 32
    iphone 1st gen 16gb

  44. I jailbroke my ipod touch 2 gen. Downloaded the 4.21 of something and tried to get the vwallpaper to work, it is loaded and when I press on the application it opens up and after 3 seconds it goes right back to the homepage….Any help would be appreciated.


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