$199 too good to be true?

So, what’s the catch? It sounds like there is a catch and if you’re planning on unlocking, it’s a big catch. AT&T is saying there will be in store activation only, and there may be a penalty for not activating your iPhone 3G within 30 days of purchase. You also have to sign a 2 year contract whether you have an existing iPhone and/or account. They are also dropping the GoPhone plans and raising the data plan to $30 a month from $20 due to 3G. This shouldn’t effect me since I’m already with AT&T. We’ll probably move our numbers to the new iPhones and unlock our old ones for testing purposes. $10 more a month x2 for 3G is ok I guess (once they get it in our area).

UPDATE: Link to AT&T Press Release

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  1. good yhing i have att!

  2. shoot, I am not extending my AT&T plan, by the way, what about buying at Apple stores?

    • He mentions

      “you also have to sign a 2 year contract whether you have an existing iPhone & or account.”

      I am guessing that means that you will just have to re-up your 2year contract? I sure hope so or I will be even more pissed than when I heard “July 11th”

    • You will not be able to buy one at the Apple Store and just walk out, it has to be activated in store.

  3. so how are we suppose to get the new iphone if our contract isnt up until next year?

  4. wait, does this apply internationally or only in the usa? im asking because even though i live in cali, if it doesnt apply internationally you could just buy a phone from ebay right?

    • As far as I know, none of this is set in stone. I hope it’s like it was before and they are just banking on the thought that the iPhone won’t work without being activated by iTunes and hopefully you can still just walk into Apple and buy one.

  5. Are you saying that we won’t be able to restore with iTunes?

    • Not sure, but if you can’t, this will effect the jailbreak process a bit :(

    • Hi Doug,

      We have to be able to restore. I don’t know of a single person who jailbroke their phone and it worked perfectely from then on out. And with the announcement that we would have to have version 7.7 iTunes with this new phone makes me awfully suspicious that our ability to restore may disappear.


  6. Bolivar Aquino says



    • I just watched the entire keynote and Steve said the price wouldn’t be over $199 USD for any country. He said that was the max, assuming there will be some that are less :) I’ve heard O2 is doing $99 (rumor).

  7. This whole thing is kind of ridiculous. I was pretty excited about it, but Apple kind of let me down. Even with the price… I’d rather have a higher price for a better product. But they really didn’t do much to change the phone. Plus… the fact that they raised the rates up $10 is a letdown… I was not expecting that.

    • I agree, I paid $599 for my first iPhone and I’d pay it again for 32GB, cam in front, MMS, Video etc. But now that it’s cheaper, all my friends and family want them.

  8. Surprising how Puerto Rico is once again not included in Appleā€™s plans.
    In the announcement they include the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.
    They actually have two different carriers in the Dominican Republic, Orange and Claro. AT&T the first carrier that had the iPhone still does not list Puerto Rico as a territory that can recieve iPhone service, even though, the iPhone works just fine here and you can just buy an iPhone in the states and register it through iTunes with an Puerto Rico phone number without any problems. Additionally, Claro also services the island. Why the lack of love for Boricuas? I seriously have no idea.

    Quote from: http://morouxshi.com/2008/06/09/apple-announces-iphone-3g-puerto-rico-not-included-again/

  9. i cant just buy it for apple store ?? , They cant do that . What if i want to buy it as a gift ??

  10. I read here: http://iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=1319

    That ALL new iPhones sold regardless if purchased at the Apple Store or ATT will be activated at the time of sale.

    Also Sidebar: Tom Tom has software that they are about to release for the iPhone.

  11. Everyones gonna have an iPhone now :| That kinda sucks. $199 is too bloody cheap.

  12. in the UK o2 will sell the iphone as Pay as you go!!!! yippie! :D

  13. i have a feeling that in time (when it comes out in other countries) we will be able to purchase it without contract, only for a higher price, no contract=no discount…. ?

  14. SeijinZero says

    if you are an existing AT&T customer, does that mean your rate is going to go up for data if you upgrade? $30 is Ridiculous! I thought $20 was bad enough, that’s almost as much as the cellular plan itself. Start hacking people! If I can get a phone without signing up after the hysteria dies down, jailbreak, unlock, and activate it without telling at&t, will the 3G still work? if I’m only paying for EDGE, and I secretly upgrade to 3G hardware, all unlocked and activated, can I still receive data at 3G speed?

  15. Hi Folks,

    Any words on Bluetooth? i.e. Does it now support data transfer, or is still just for bluetooth audio devices?


  16. HOLY COW,

    Steve Jobs wore blue jeans with a black long sleeve shirt….

    O my he is so innovative and on the edge.

    How does he manage?

  17. EvePineda02 says

    I think that I will stay with my current iphone and upgrade to a 16 gb hopefully with the 3G coming out the price for those will come down… Since I still like T-mobile… I will be changing to AT&T at the begining of next year so I will invest in the latest iphone at that time… As for now I will stick with what I got it’s not like my iphone has givin me any problems

  18. I second that. You can’t even do a jailbreak on the phones talk less of unlock…. I am no too crazy for the 3G speed. though it would have being nice. I don’t even think Tmobile has 3G in Atlanta area.

  19. i’m honestly pretty angry about this i live in Singapore and got an iPhone, and it really just wows the people i meet. ” you have an iPhone! Let me touch!” they said in the papers they’re gonna sell it here for S$270. oh my goodness, that’s even cheaper than a normal new nokia phone. iPhone has officially lost its status cause of the price. every tom, dick and harry’s gonna get one, it’s not going to be special anymore.
    are there gonna be new colours for this? there’s practically nothing new about this.
    apple has disappointed me.

  20. Is there any way to make the iphone louder? I mean I’ve heard phones way louder than the iphone and those phone aren’t as expensive as this one.