blackra1n RC2 Released – New Features, Clean Icy

##ICON_NAME## Last night, GeoHot has released blakra1n RC2. The jailbreak offers a few more features such as a tethered jailbreak for out-of-the box 3.1 firmware as well the new iPhone 3GS that ships with the new bootrom. The new version of blackra1n also includes a working version of Icy… the previous version of the jailbreak included an older version of Icy which was causing issues for a lot of people.

You can download blackra1n RC2 at There is both a Windows and a Mac version of the jailbreak. Below is a complete list of new features for blackra1n RC2.

** Update — RC2 is out **
Fixed 3G issues
Tethered jailbreak for 3.1 OOTB ipt 8GB and new 3GSes
Fixed Icy issues
Both Windows and Mac
If you used RC1 with success, no need to rerun

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  1. Will u be able to unlock your phone with the new version???or does it affect the baseband??

  2. Will I be able to unlock my phone with this new version??

  3. FIRST(: hahaha suckerss

  4. I jailbroke a 3G and a 3GS with this today. Awesome! Really fast.

  5. Tried it now and working !!
    This guy is amazing !!

  6. this is really wonderful i have jailbroken and jailbroken and updated to the latest firmware and jailbroke but with no cellular service each time i broke it but with the latest black rain i have everything including rock icy cydia and my cellular service which has 5.11.07 firmware on it which is apples latest modemware with 3.1.2
    7d11 firmware blackra1n 2 is the best

  7. Bonedpoop69 says

    When will there finally be an unlock for windows users. I have been on 3.0 forever now waiting

  8. im guessing its still a tethered jailbreak for the ipod touch 3G?

  9. Prakash Chauhan says

    Can anybody confirm whether I can jailbreak and unlock my 2G iPhone for firmware 3.1.2?

    Currently I m using 3.0

    • You can jailbreak the 2G on 3.1.2 using blackra1n, but unfortunately it doesn’t unlock it. I tried it with my old phone just for fun (I am using a 3GS now) and it didn’t work. What does work is to use a custom 3.1.2 ipsw that is jailbroken and unlocked. I tried that too and it works just fine.

    • Prakash Chauhan says

      Tha mastuul for response.

      Well i’m searching for the customer pwned firmware for 3.1.2 iPhone 2G.

  10. I know it says no need to rerun if previous installation was successful, but i notice it fixed 3G issues. should i consider to upgrade mine? i have a 3G phone.
    are the issues mentioned in here, installation issues? or what?
    Please advice

  11. Tried it now and working !!

  12. BeachedWhale says

    I jailbroke using RC1 and am having issues with icy, how do I update my jailbreak?

  13. I have 2G iPod touch and it’s already updated to the newest update for it, 3.1.2.. Can I download this? Or will it won’t work? I’m still a little fuzzy on all this so help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. I have jailbroken my 3gs 16gb using blackra1n, however, I have to jailbreak it everytime I reboot? Is there anyone having the same problem?

  15. Does this work on ipod touch 1G???


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