iPhone 3G Features

Apple released info today on their new iPhone naming it “iPhone 3G“. The iPhone 3G has some but not all of the features rumored about in the past months. Here is a list of all the features:

– For sale July 11th
– New Prices: $199 8GB, $299 16GB
– 3G Network
– White and Black colors, plastic molding
– More Countries: 22 on July 11, 70 total in the coming year
– Exchange Server support
– Flush headphone jack
– Improved Audio
– Thinner edges
– 2.0 Firmware including App Store and more features
– Longer battery life
– Syncs with new service MobileMe (replaces .mac)

Missing Features:
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Video recording
32GB Model
Red Color
Video Camera in the front
Better camera
Better Bluetooth

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  1. Opinions?? Dissapointing or not?

    • I would say that is was I expected. I did no expect (as I wrote before) a camera in the front. In addition, some analyst recently commented that this is more evolution than revolution. 3G was the feature expected in Europe and a better camera was very unlikely since Apple just posted a job ad seeking for a camera engineer.

    • hi i just wanna ask you guys,coz i didn’t if its true,i have a friend and she said u can redord a conversation on a new iphone is that true plz help tnx

  2. Anand Patel says

    One thing about this is that it IS thicker the 3G model is 12.3mm while the original iPhone was 11.6mm

  3. im just happy they (apple) didn’t overdo the features on the 3g leaving us “first timers” in the dirt!

  4. Im gana sell my itouch 8 GB for $300 and buy the 16 GB 3G :D i cant w8 for the 3G to come out in stores! to bad its fimware 2.0….no jail breaker is out yt for that, i will have to w8 a while till i can download 3rd party apps.

    any internal speakers? so i can blast my music without buying external speakers…or use speaker phone while talking?

  5. The new iPhone 3G is listed to have 8GB or 16GB flash drive…is that expandable memory?

  6. haha nvm…my mistake! sorry

  7. i will get it but very dissapointed

  8. im very mad and disappointed!! missing camera on the front and no video recording!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Rear – cheep PLASTIC !!!!!

  10. cydia works

  11. There are a few things I would’ve liked to see added.Here’s a few of ’em.

    STEREO Bluetooth ~ I want to use a Bluetooth headset for music… This has to be the biggest let down of the entire WWDC for me.
    Video Recording ~ How could they NOT add this?
    MMS ~ Okay, personally, I would rather have pictures and things sent to my email, but the other 99% of the iPhone population would have to agree that this is a huge farce.
    More options for SMS ~ I want more! Adding multiple recipients? Come the frig on!
    Copy/Paste ~ Definatly a HUGE mistake not to have, especially after all of the whining, myself included.

    Granted, I will be standing outside of AT&T on July 11th six hours before the store opens, so I will give you that. I enjoy what they did add, but c’mon Apple, listen to your requests…

    • You can add multiple recipients now in the stock text app on version 1.1.4.

      I will be in line too :)

    • I feel you bro…STEREO BLUETOOTH was one of the MOST important features I expected…and what’s up with no Multimedia Messaging…BS!!!…I’m still getting it though =/

  12. cartoon156 says

    After a year without an iPhone, I feel really happy that I didn’t buy the 1st gen :)

    • You haven’t had an iPhone for a whole year, why would you feel good about that?

    • cartoon156 says

      2 things:
      1) It’s been a year, and the 1st gen iPhones are surely outdated once the 2nd gen comes in.
      2) It’s cheaper.

    • why not wait another year then and get the third gen and maybe cheaper too, in fact, why not wait 10 years, maybe theyll be free then ;-)

    • I totally agree with Phil !!
      Cartoon156, u cant continue living ur life like that… after all we only live once in this life… so if u want an iphone just go buy one without thinking of the cheapest way to get it.

  13. Snipes300 says

    rubbish. what is the point in getting new phone

    • I'm a Phan says

      AGREE! There are better phones out there than an iphone, wouldn’t it be rather dangerous anyway…Especially when you have to carry something that costs soo much more..I’m looking at the LG Viewty – 5.0 mp camera! YES!

  14. this really sucks!!! no MMS? get with the program apple!!! and by the way, the iphone’s bluetooth blows!!! can’t connect to my laptop nor any other device for that matter :(

  15. eric.muir says

    well im hoping alot of the missing features will be added by programmers, ie: video recording, mms, etc..

    im considering buying this, my only issue is i paid $650 for mine a year ago, and this is only slightly better, does anyone know if the 2.0 firmware will make my iphone 3g? if so im keeping this one! secondly, if i do buy the new one, theres no way i can sell this one for very much, no one will buy and old 8gb model for $200 or more if they can get the new one for the same price! ugh.. decisions…

    • y would you pay tjat much money, was it jailbroken andnunlocked or what? If you upgrade to 2.0 tha doesnt mean itll give you gps! Lol that needs a harware face lift!

    • yea i know about the gps, but does it have 3g? i read an article where someone found a 3g toggle switch or something in the 2.0 software… and i bought it the day it came out, thats how much it cost with tax

  16. what a let down …. was hoping for soooo much more, not happy, but to be honest ….. i will still upgrade from my old iPhone to the new one.

  17. I don’t find it to be dissapointing. Don’t get me wrong, MMs, a better camera and video camera would be nice. But I’m perfectly happy with what we are getting. I’m like the idea of a plastic back. For those of us who are clumsy, the metal backs can get beat up pretty badly and makes it look horrible. Plastic doesnt show scratches or chips as well as the metal backs do now. And think of the new iPhone this way, it’s good enough for Steve jobs, a man who’s worth more money than I can imagine. I can’t wait for the new iPhone. July 11th at midnight or whenever the apple store doors open in Jordan creek, I’ll be there.

    • Yea im pretty ticked right now… watched that keynote and was very let down. I hate having to go to viewmymessage.com to check all of the pictures my friends send me and i have to be in wifi to check them! that blows and they shoulda done something about that.. Front camera with video chat would have been amazing too. I dunno if im gonna buy one……. only thing for me really is that i have an 8gb and i want more memory. thatd be the only reason for me to get one…. gps i could care les… yea its cool but w/e. and 3G? not so important to me since im basically in wifi everywhere i go. whatever i might i might not. Im kinda pissed that i bought my iphone for 660 the day it came out and now i can get a better one for half that? stupid apple stealing my money

    • but the truth of the matter is the current back isn’t even made of metal. it’s a coated plastic and the only thing that will deter the “signs” of scratching is the fact that they used a different finish, a shiny one… the old one showed more because of it’s Matte finish(and coating).
      P.S. I WON’T be buying mine yet. Not enough improvements in my opinion. I got my iPhone the first day they came out and it’s the greatest piece of technological equipment that I have ever owned(to date). 2nd Gen screamed of a better phone, and I feel, fell short. I mean come on, it’s a software based phone, ANYTHING is possible. Recording… avail after first update (or for a price from the APPstore) Face it kids we were Guinea Pigs on this one. Apple said, ‘take our phone, do what you will with it, & let us USE your development to take our toy further into the future’. Get ready 2nd gen’s your next to fix their bugs and retool this piece of technological wonder!!

    • i agree with michael its fine the way it is but it would b good if they had hd and a video camera

  18. Uh, that’s A-GPS….not real GPS. It doesn’t have actual in-built GPS hardware.

    • Yes it is a built in GPS, it just get Assisted when there is no satellite reception..

    • Yes it is a real GPS. They have copied alot of the functions that I had on my motorola A920 with toutchscreen 4 years ago, it was the firts one with A-GPS. The A stands for Assisted witch means it get help for locating the satelites. Normaly if you start a ordinary GPS it takes a while for it to scan the entire atmosphere were it has the satelites, but with the assistens from the celltowers and wifi hotspots the telephone get the information were it routhly is situated and more importent ewere it has the satelites, not needing to drain the battery while scaning the atmosphere. But with the assisted means that you will have some datatrafic to get the “assisted” and that will cost U.

  19. SeijinZero says

    with the exception of the video camera in the front, there’s still hope to add the “missing features” to the app store. You have to give them a little credit for busting out a new iPhone so quickly after the first one.

    • Good call. There will probably be a video camera app available through the app store people.

  20. oh and they should have made a 32 gb one…. whats so hard about that?!

    • That has been Apple’s business plan for year, so that’s not shocking. They will only make small updates (even stuff that is necessary) over long a period just so they can milk the money and make the masses think they are getting the latest and greatest.

    • bigmcq77 says

      DoWhat is right you have to spread it out a little

  21. Antonio Max says

    Ppl cannot forget that the os will still be under updates and development, besides a front camera and better bluetooth, all other missing features can be added into the os, like the copy paste feature, mms, video recording, etc. But the GPS is a great feature, thanks apple.

  22. Antonio Max says


  23. We’re reporting that the internet seems a little split with today’s announcements. Everyone seems to have something they think is missing that should be there. Yes people like the 3G, and to a lesser extent the addition of GPS but MMS and video chat are two things that people really seem to want.

  24. Well I don’t see it, there isn’t any reason for me to get the new version.
    I like my 1.1.4 16G phone…
    I might get one in a few months after a jailbreak / unlock app has been generated, but I don’t see that much here.

    If there was a front camera since that would be a good useful means of the 3G speed / network, then maybe but so what a bit faster downloads, I dont have then much of a need for speed at this stage…

    No I think I will stay with my 16G for a while.
    Even IF they offered MMS, I would not have gaining much since I am using Swirly.
    GPS, or should I say A-GPS which well to me isn’t that different from what we have now, additionally I have a TomTom 910 which does the trick for me.

    Copy and Paste doesn’t seem that important to Apple and the lack Stereo BT Hmmmm, that would have been a plus, but as I said I will sit and wait myself.

    Maybe in 6 months if they offer a front camera, so that I can video call and a 32G version, then maybe I’ll think about forking out my $$$

    The Slingbox option would be one that also could move me to shelling out my money but I wasn’t that excited when I learned that its all about 3G.

    Oh did I say that the plastic case is a negative to me…
    Many scratches you will see.!.!.

    Oh well I guess I will tuck my money back into my bank account ans hold onto all my Apple gift cards for now and wait.

  25. BluePhoenix says

    I’m rather disappointed, a new version and what we have here is just the specs of a Black Berry, I’m just gonna keep using my old iPhone then…. btw where the hell are stereo bluetooth, video chat, MMS, etc???

  26. RogueSpear says

    Virtually every single thing I’d hoped for was MIA. Among others, but in particular would be a seriously revamped Bluetooth stack / additional profile support, an improved primary camera w/ flash, a secondary front facing camera, a 32GB option (or at a minimum a microSDHC slot), and Flash support.

    At this point I think I’m just going to ride out the remainder of my 2 year contract with my 1st gen 16GB iPhone and assess the situation at that time. Android may be a bit more attractive at that point. Plus I bet there will be a ton of free open sauce apps.

    While supporting the enterprise is fine and dandy, and DS quality games might be the shizzle, I really don’t like the direction Apple appears to be taking here. And to think that they mocked out ActiveSync, which does deserve all the mocking it gets, when iTunes is possibly one of the worst abortions ever perpetrated on mankind. I’ve seen spyware that was coded better.

  27. Antonio Max says

    do we have a pen drive like support with the new iphone? i would love to usb attach and get a directory to put some stuff other than seeing pics.
    Did you guys noticed the camera with Photo geotagging feature?

    • No pen drive like support from what we’ve heard. There are apps that get around this. Geo-tagging pics is in there, we’ll be doing a review of the info from firmware 2.0 soon!

  28. What the heck is this crap??? I have ALL of the missing features on my jailbroken iphone. Btw what happened to the 5mp camera??? there is also a 2.0 upgrade available in installer to make the icons look like 2.0 and since my iphone is in a case no one can notice the (cheesy looking) plastic back anyway. HUGE disappointment.

  29. all i got to say is a big WOMP WOMP…. nothing about the 3G excites me. Not even the faster speeds. My life is crazy as heck, but I can tell you right now, that waiting an extra 20-30 seconds for a pic to send, or a page to load does not bother me at all. I like my Iphone 1.0.

    I LOVE it actually. I open it often just to stare at my apps and customized apps. I love my video camera, my games, my emulators and most of all, i LOVE that I dont need to pay for them. I do DONATE, and i feel thats how it should be.

    Im a musician, people steal my music all day long, all over the world, but in doing so, they are showing their appreciation in an era that no longer views file sharing as a bad thing. Us older folks do cause we watched it happen and change, but kids dont have a clue. They think its the norm and I have adapted to that status quo. So… in conclusion, im still with you Iphone 1.0, you have my heart and soul, i dont care to leave you for another…..

    not yet at least.

  30. hey so has anyone else noticed on the key note video apple has on their website, that at the end when Steve Jobs is talking about the different countries the iphone will be shipped to, and then he shows what carriers are accepting the iphone 3g, t-mobile is up there. maybe that’s just for europe(i know t-mobile is active there) but it could mean that Jobs has finally decided to let the iphone out of at&t’s prison hold.

  31. I am extremely happy with my jailbroken 1st generation 8GB phone with 1.1.4. Will seriously consider the new phone once its jailbroken, if its possible!

  32. I was expecting a video call… america is not ready for the future yet.

  33. i’m very disappointed

  34. i dont even use mms and im disappointed just out of principle that they didnt include it. does it have something to do with technological limits? there has to be a good reason for this

  35. Could you do a post on why Apple left out so many basic features on the new iphone? (e.g. MMS, video recording, cut and paste, better Bluetooth, etc.) Thank you!

  36. holeinmypocket says

    I was looking at the HTC Diamond for my next phone, until I saw that the release of the iPhone 3G really was imminent – “great”, I thought, a choice!
    Then I started looking at the spec and the pictures and seeing no front camera and reading “no video capture” and “no MMS” made me re-think. I’m disappointed, frankly, that I can’t compare the two side-by-side and make my mind up after a test ‘drive’, but I’ll not be buying the iPhone. Eveything I need (and want) is on the HTC device and few are on the iPhone. Maybe 18 months from now, when my contract expires, there’ll be another updated iPhone and I can revisit…
    Also, I’m not sure if I’m the only one who’s noticed that when Apple compare the download speed of a file, they compare Edge with 3G (not HSDPA). Has Apple truly embraced HSDPA, with its maximum download speed of 7.2Mbps, or some watered-down version? For sure, if I wanted to tout its capabilities, I’d be comparing Edge with “true” HSDPA… Just a thought

  37. hi guys

    iam getting the iphone 16gb and iam just wondering if it has speakers, if you can receive music or pics via bluetooth and if you can run mxit on it

  38. i like iphone even though i am dissapointed like others

  39. everything except for the front camera and better Bluetooth is all software! Apple can come out with updates that can install copy/paste and MMs. App store apps can bring you video and features we haven’t even thought of yet! So chill! I have the 1st gen itouch and will probably wait for a 4g or something I am sure will arrive this Christmas or at least close to it.

  40. Mr. L.N.MITTAL says

    What are the features of apple iphone 3g ?
    is it music downloadable ?

    Please give a answer in my mail address..