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mobilemeOk, I can’t take it any more! As much as I love writing about update and new apps….I just have to write something about iPhone 3G and the announcements Apple made yesterday during the Keynote at WWDC!!

Doug has been doing a great job of writing about the new features of the iPhone 3G, which countries it will be released in, jailbreaking the iPhone 3G, Apple/AT&T’s new activation policy, iPhone 3G and GPS, the price of the iPhone 3G, what is going to happen with the iPod Touch…not to mention photos of the iPhone 3G, the Keynote Video, the Keynote being available on iTunes, the Keynote in 60 seconds and the new iPhone 3G commercial! That seems like a lot of iPhone 3G information but, I can’t help but write about something that Apple has just announced so, lets take a look at mobileme or

First of all, anything that is described as being stored “up in a cloud” is definitely something for me! mobileme is a way to get push email, contacts and calendar without using an exchange server. The thing that I think is so cool is that all of this is done wirelessly…through the air (hence, the being stored “in a cloud” analogy). How it works is, you have a mobileme account which allows you to simultaneously sync your email, contacts and calendar to your mac, PC and iPhone. So, if you run into someone at a restaurant and you add their phone number to the contacts on your iPhone, it will automatically update that contact on your mobileme account, your Mac and/or your PC…totally wirelessly and just seconds after you added it on your iPhone.

Not only does mobileme allow you to push information, it also looks like it is going to have an amazing user interface. mobileme will be replacing .mac and will cost $99 a year. All current .mac users will be automatically upgraded to mobileme. A mobileme account also includes 20GB of online storage. Apple is also offering a free 60 day trail of mobileme when it is launched in early July! I am really excited for the launch of mobileme…it is going to add a ton of functionally to the iPhone! This is just a short and sweet description of, for more infromation see the notes below.

For more infromation check out Apple’s mobileme page.

mobileme is introduced and explained from 1:07:16-1:22:00 in the Keynote. So, you can fast forward if you want! :)

mobileme Demo Video:

Watch “mobileme Demo Video” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. Watched the guided tour on apple’s website.
    It does look amazing, I guess some people are already thinking of wonders they’ll do with this, but at the moment don’t see myself using it. Could change my mind in the future, but I don’t see that happening.

  2. you guys should make another blog called like for posts like this

  3. this sounds so friggin cool but $100 a year is a bit much.

  4. if it was a monthly of $8 or so, ppl make actually welcome it more. $99 just sounds like a lot. or scary even.

    But I can still dig it.

  5. sorry I won’t touch this from a mile away. Don’t know why you are excited. My cell service already cost me $150 a month. So no jose.

  6. ehh, $100 does seem like a lot to drop at once. I’ll probably get it though. Seems to be really convenient.

  7. I think I’m more excited about this than I am the 3G iPhone. My take on it is here:

    I love the idea of push email, but I’m not using Yahoo mail. This sounds great, and at £50 give or take I’m in !

  8. they should make it like $8/month and we can cancel it any time.. That way, I will use it and probably will stay connected forever if i find it useful…. do not want to commit for a 1 year contract though!

    • There is a 60 day free trial, so you can try it out during that period.

      $8/month x 12months = $96 So they seem to have it priced correctly.

    • There’ll be a free 60 day trial when it starts up. use that. then decide if it’s worth paying for

  9. heu guys,what about the users of “old” iphones with this new 3g wonder? could it be actualized to get any of these new features?

    • This will work on any iPhone, doesn’t have to be 3G. In fact, so far there’s nothing that NEEDS to be running on a 3G version.

  10. This is great! I’ve tried using Yahoo’s “push” email but it never seemed to push! If it works like the demo… Sign me up!, 99.00 is not a bad price to me. I also like the 20 gig space you get, and the way you can send the large files is a pretty nice feature as well.

  11. Actually, “cloud computing” is a little more complex than that. What it means is that it’s powered by a “massive network of ‘cloud servers’ interconnected as if in a grid running in parallel…” (From Wikipedia) The network load is distributed among many servers.

  12. hey all,
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  13. MobileMe is replacing dot.mac, so the price tag is essentially nothing. Those who are currently on dot.mac will be upgraded to MobileMe at no cost AND you will be given a “” e-mail address that will be exactly the same as your “” address. The mac address will continue to work.
    Apple is doing the move from .mac to MobileMe (in my opinion) to draw more Windows users to join. MobileMe sounds so much more inviting to Windows users than .mac does!!!

  14. Hmmmm I dont know but the thought of my personal information: Contacts, Calender, etc. just floating around up there in a cloud (I know what a Telecom cloud is) is a bit to BIG BROTHER’ISH for me.

    Anything ANYTHING can be hacked.
    I know someone will find a way to gather that information for whom ever they want information on sooner than later.

    I also know that now information can be illegally obtained now but do we really want to make a another channel for this theft and or so easily available????

    Just my paranoid thoughts!