WinPwn and iTunes 7.7 – Not Compatible

ais Doug just restored his iPhone to the current 1.1.4 firmware using iTunes. He then tried to use the firmware he had created via WinPwn to jailbreak his iPhone. Well, he found out the hard way that the firmware you create using WinPwn no longer works with version 7.7 of iTunes. Meaning, you cannot restore and jailbreak your iPhone using WinPwn if you have upgraded your iTunes to 7.7…even firmware 1.1.4 and below. Doug had not upgraded to 2.0, it was just a normal jailbreak of 1.1.4…the kind we have done a million times. So it seems that iTunes 7.7 breaks the WinPwn jailbreak. If you have upgraded to iTunes 7.7 and need to down grade so that you can do restore your iPhone if needed…HERE is a link to iTunes 7.5.

Note: Updating to version 7.7 of iTunes will not break your current jailbreak. However, you will not be able to restore using WinPwn if you have version 7.7. The only reason to update to iTunes 7.7 is to get the App Store. If you do not need the App Store because you are not upgrading to the 2.0 firmware…there is no need to update to version 7.7 of iTunes.

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  1. wow apple thought of everything

  2. i have a jailbroken 1.1.4 and i downloaded the new itunes to check out the appstore and even downloaded some apps to try out when i get a 3g. im obsessed lol

  3. You guys are awesome for testing this stuff out for us.


  4. luckyguy says

    strange. it works for and i have the newest version of itunes and winpwn.

  5. “The only reason to update to iTunes 7.7 is to get the App Store. If you do not need the App Store because you are not upgrading to the 2.0 firmware…there is no need to update to version 7.7 of iTunes”

    That was the final nail on that coffin. Thanks but no thanks 7.7 and 2.0 !!

    Thanks a lot for keeping us updated guys!

  6. um brooke and doug it works for me with version 7.7, i dont know what trouble you was having but i didnt have to go back to version 7.6 or whatever to do the shift plus restore.

  7. So let me get this straight…I have a 1.1.4 iphone I jailbroke with ziphone. Can I do a normal restore with iTunes 7.7 if I want to go the firmware 2.0 route, or do I have to install the old iTunes just to do the restore? Thanks in advance.

    • 7.7 for firmware 2.0. Restore to 1.1.4 first, then upgrade. It might work to go straight to 2.0 but we did 1.1.4 restore first.

  8. One more quick question…If I do a simple restore from backup in iTunes (not set up as a new phone), will I keep all my text messages and notes after the restore? If you do that type of restore and then upgrade to 2.0, is the phone “clean” enough to accept the new firmware, or will it brick it? Thanks so much!

  9. thanks for the warning.

    together with the price of the apps, i think i will stay with 1.1.4 maybe until the end of time.

    anyone tried to play ogame with 2.0?

  10. how do you unistall Itunes…I can’t get it off my computer

  11. i have a small problem i have downloaded itunes 7.7 and i want to go back into 7.5 so i downloaded the file but itunes told me that i cant install it because there is a version of itunes alredy installed what can i doo pleasee i neeed helpp

  12. Hi, guys, i’ve a problem: i install itunes ver 7.7 and upgrade my iphone to the latest firm version 2.0, and can’t unlock it, only emergency call, nothing else…Unlocking din’t work with winpwn and ziphone..i’m disperate, i can’t use my phone anymore, please help………….

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