Live Stream of iPhone 3G Launch

Doug and Brooke are still broadcasting live from the Apple store at Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines. Video below. For the latest information, scroll down to read the 9:30am update.

Doug and Brooke have their new phones and are on the way back to their house. Soon as they get back, they will be writing more articles and probably start live streaming again.

Streaming is over but here is what was recorded:

Standing in line for iPhone 3G Launch at Apple Store

The Apple Store Opens for the iPhone 3G

Update 1: Whoops, the laptop overheated and won’t turn back on. Doug is trying to get another computer. Back in a few minutes.

Update 2: I think we’re back!

Update 3: Brooke and Doug are getting their iPhones, so they had to leave the computer they were broadcasting from. They are working to bring back video on their laptop.

Update 4: Doug and Brooke are broadcasting again. They are in the process of getting their phones and checking out.

Update 5: Getting reports that AT&T stores are selling out fast, and the wait may be as long as 4-7 days for more. If you don’t have an Apple store by you and you want this phone today, you probably want to get to a store ASAP.

Update 6: Getting the phones activated is taking way longer than expected at Doug and Brooke’s location.

Update 7, 9:30am:
Doug and Brooke have been in the Apple store now for about an hour and ten minutes. The activating is taking forever. Rumors are the activation servers crashed, but it is hard to know for sure.

Several people are having trouble updating the iPod Touch to the new 2.0 firmware. We are getting messages saying that iTunes is down. This will probably be fixed later today, and when it is, we’ll post a video for you guys.

AT&T stores are selling out quickly, it seems. Two AT&T stores here in Des Moines already sold out before the lines were done, and at one store 40 people are waiting for UPS to show up, hoping the truck will have more. Other people are reporting similar stories at other AT&T stores. The Apple store seems to have a good inventory, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Update 8:
People were asking some questions about pricing, so here is a link to AT&T’s pricing page (USA customers). Have a link to another country’s pricing page? E-mail us!

Update 9:
Don’t worry, once Doug and Brooke get out of the store, they’ll be writing tons of posts. Just a quick note on jailbreaking/unlocking. Some developers are claiming they have done it. THIS HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED YET, and certainly not released yet. (We have great faith in those guys though, so we’re sure they are hard at work!) Just be careful if you choose to upgrade to 2.0. Full post on this later.

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  1. I’m so jelouse [ if that’s how its spell]

  2. Dustin James says

    My AT&T store couldn’t get the phones connected to iTunes… so they let us take them.. but I’m at home trying to connect and I can’t.

  3. hope you have better luck than these folks on the apple discussion forum

  4. we’re sitting in California, still 30 mins until the store opens. About 200 people in line here

  5. I definatly got mine already. *smirk*

  6. this is really pissing me off. my ipod when trying to upgrade, it trys to load the itunes store when u press (learn more) and then says “the itunes store is unavalible”. but when i go to the itunes store manualy it works. how can i update my ipod?

    • The update for the iPod touch seems to have some issues right now. I tried it earlier and had the same problem. We’ll be updating throughout the day and will let you guys know as soon as we know more.

    • iTunes won’t update it automatically, you will have to visit Apple’s website to purchase it.

  7. I knew the in store activation would slow eveything down. frigging idiots.

  8. what do i do????

  9. I got mine delivered to my house at 9 this morning, I live in the UK. o2 have been more than excellent with the new phone process. I still haven’t taken it out the box yet due to the fact, I can’t be bothered to sort it all out yet :-P

  10. steve anderson says

    i have just put my o2 pay as you gpo sim in my new 3g iphone that is not even activated and it works

  11. steve anderson says

    i have not even got a number for this new phone yet cos o2 is down but pay as you go sim works in it weird

  12. Do you have a shot of your business card anywhere?

  13. Brooke is hot