Enigmo 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99  

Watch “Enigmo 1.0” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Click here to download Enigmo via the App Store.

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  1. This app is similar to erica’s audio recognition app. My buddy downloaded this app and hasn’t stop using it. He loves it and it picks up songs pretty well…well know songs, no underground bands and so on. Overall download it and use it….its free and worth it

  2. I trade this app with super monkey ball.

  3. Nice I think I will buy…Doug how do I get the IphoneSchool Icon install on my Iphone??

  4. best game hands down! Level 16 now, only thing holding me back is pack of play time.

  5. Your network just shows “Searching…”. Is your 2.0 unlocked.. ?
    BTW, Nice game, but expensive !

  6. Video dont work with firefox 3

    • It does work. Check if you have the latest version of Firefox 3 and Adobe Flash extensions installed correctly.

    • Hmm, I just watched it on Firefox 3. on a Mac. Worked great.

      Which reminds me, do Doug or Brooke ever take a day off? It looks like there has been posts most every day for weeks and weeks.

    • Doug and Brooke are rock stars. ;-) Vacations are for the weak.

  7. nice game, much better than super monkey! “i am a sega fan anyways”

  8. Thanks for the great info. I hope you’ll follow this with some more great content.

  9. palakisbest says

    Great game. Really well implemented and requires a lot of thought. One thing I must say is that the menu looks really bad and old fashioned, not fitting for iphone. It is not slick as some other apps are, but that is my opinion.

    • that’s how they did it on the MacOS versions of the game…
      Speaking of which, get Enigmo2 if you have a Mac. >_>

  10. Anyone know why trism isnt showing up in the app store

  11. Is it worth $10?

  12. karmageddon says

    Do you have to be on WiFi to play this?

  13. Penelops says

    Wow this game looks amazing, i think i will buy it

  14. ahhh i cant get past level 12. its killing me, this game rocks though.

  15. will somebody share this app with me. i will give u super monkey ball.

  16. Best game in the App Store! AWESOME! I am on level 36 right now. I hope they will add some more levels because I plan on finishing the last 14 levels tomorrow. Has anyone heard if they plan on adding (updating) more levels?

    • There website/support page says:


      YES!! We are currently working on an update that will allow you to download more game files to your iPhone. There are currently many custom game files available for the Mac version of Enigmo, so most of these will be available for the iPhone version. ”

      There are hundreds of levels to download right now for the Mac version. I hope they update it soon!

  17. wahhh i dont want to buy it!!! i wish it was like duplicated or something and put into installer