Available In: App Store       Price: Free (for a limited time!)  

jirbobreakicon Jirbo Break is an application similar to pong. When you open the application, you will get the main menu which includes the options; New Game, High Scores, Sounds, Jirbo Avatar and Visit Jirbo.com. When you select New Game, you will get another pop-up where you can choose which control type you would like. The two options include; Classic BrickBreaker (super responsive quick thumb controls) and Touch Follow (paddle follows where you drag your finger). I personally like the Touch Follow option the best, I thought the Classic BrickBreaker control was a little difficult to get used to. Once you have selected your control type, you will be brought to the main play screen. To start, tap the screen. The object of the game is to break all the blocks at the top of the screen by hitting them with the white ball. In order for the game to play, your finger must be touching the screen (paddle). If you take your finger off the screen the game will pause. If the ball goes past your paddle without hitting it, you lose a life (you start with ten lives). When you break all the blocks you are able to move onto the next level. As the levels go up you start to get special blocks that will give you extra live or make your paddle wider. When you run out of lives you will be brought to the High Scores Screen. Here there will be a list of all your High Scores. If you select a High Score, you are also able to see what level you made it to.

While on the play screen, there is a Menu option in the upper right corner. It will bring up a menu with the options; Resume, New Game, End Game (which will take you to the High Scores list), Set Control Type, Reset Ball (which will put the ball down at the bottom of the screen in the start position) and Sounds (which allows you to turn the sounds affects on or off). If you exit the application while in the middle of a game, the next time you open the app, you will get a pop-up asking if you would like to continue the game or start a new game. If you like pong…I think you will like JirboBreak. The graphics are decent, the app is smooth and the game is totally addicting.

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  1. Hey this is kinda off topic. Im buying the 3g iphone tomorrow and im wondering how much is it gonna cost since i have the 1st gen iphone and im wondering how much the upgrade gonna cost….

    • If you qualify (which you should by owning a 1stGen), you’ll only pay $299.99 for a 16GB and $199.99 for a 8GB. Also, the off topic thing … that’s what the forums are for. :o

    • really. i thought everybody got it for 199 and 299, iphone or no iphone. apple didn’t really make it clear.

  2. you´re off topic, all of you :D

    Thx for the hint, Brooke! I´ve just downloaded and synced the app before it becomes fee required.
    by the way, the app is pretty funny :)

  3. Thanks. Cool game. Although other Jirbo games are pathetic like Jirbo arcade, etc.

    I love this one !

  4. superpong is much better, much cheaper and isnt made by a developer that is “playing dirty”

  5. cheaper? JirboBreak is for free, and regarding this, it´s pretty nice although it´s hard to control.

  6. palakisbest says

    This game even it is free for a little while is pretty good, except I hate the stupid animals the make the game in my opinion unprofessional. One of the first things I do when my touch is jailbroken is go into apps and replace the png images of the stupid animals. Then I will be happy.

  7. LuisValle says

    Hey i had this problem with jirbo break. Its said is free n i got charge for the game. Even though its only 3 dollars I dont mind paying for it. But i dont think is right that it saids free and u will get charge.

  8. This is made by one of the “playing dirty” dev’s. I’m not interested, sorry.