First Jailbroke iPhone 3G!

The guys over at the Dev Team have released this video and screenshot…both showing that the iPhone 3G has been jailbroke! The actual jailbreak has not been released yet but, I can only image that it is not too far away!

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  1. I just saw this over at their blog, they were nice enough to explain they aren’t just sitting on the pwnage tool and toying with all of us.

  2. i just read that to at their blog and they are obviously not toying with us just as you said JGomes. They are awesome for doing this

  3. Antonio Max says

    Looks like the guys of desbloqueioBR (a brazilian group, have unlocked susessfully the 3G iPhone, according to this article on G1 website:,,MUL647265-6174,00-GRUPO+BRASILEIRO+E+O+PRIMEIRO+A+DESBLOQUEAR+NOVO+IPHONE+G.html
    The tittle says: Brazilian group is the first to truly unlock the 3G iPhone

  4. There is also this:

    Dev Team member pytey was on The Unofficial Apple Weblog just moments ago taking questions from Erica Sadun and viewers

    Least we know a Windows version is being worked on, rather than wait for someone else to do it.

  5. Antonio Max says

    Check it out the unlocked 3G iPhone video here, running a brazilian sim card from TIM Brazil

  6. it’s jailbroke[b]n[/b], not jailbroke nor jailbreaked ;)

  7. so does this also mean tht you’ll be able to make iphone 3g work with t-mobile?

  8. captain hook says

    stay with 1.1.4 as I heard apple are to release 2.01 firmware soon.

  9. SeijinZero says

    I forget, what’s the difference (and/or advantage) to custom firmware as opposed to just jailbreaking? that is what we’re talking about here, right? that’s what pwnage does?

    • iphone pwnage (which i think is the LAMEST name ever for this great hack. maybe it was meant to be lame… i dunno) allows one to restore an iphone with pre-configured settings via custom firmware. these settings can range from jailbreaking and unlocking to built-in applications. the main advantage, on top of all of this, is that you don’t have to jailbreak/unlock every single time you have to restore your iphone; just restore with your custom .ipsw

    • SeijinZero says

      oooohhh! that sounds fantastic. I hate reinstalling every app I downloaded and SSH-ing tons of crap back into it.

  10. America needs to step da game up they let brazil hack it first