Tomatoes 1.0

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Tomatoes Tomatoes is a simple application that allows you to search for movies… new or old. When you open the application, you will get the main search screen. Once you have enter the title of a the movie you would like to search for, you can select search in the lower right corner of the keyboard. It will then bring up the most relevant movie based on your search. The search results screen will display the title of the video, the year it was released, the rating, the length of the movie, the percentage based on user ratings and general information about the movie (who it was starring and a short description). To go to the next search result, just swipe to the left. If you would like even more information about the video you can tap on the movies title and it will open a web browser to Rotten Tomatoes web page for that movie.

The issue I have with this application is that the description of the movie sometimes gets cut off and the only way to view the entire description is open the movie’s web page on Rotten Tomatoes. The only problem with this is if I wanted to view the website, I would go to the website…that is why it is a native application and not a Web App. Overall, it seems to have a pretty decent database of movies, though there were a few I searched for that it did not find (ex..Big). But, if you are trying to remember what a certain movie is about or when it was released or who was starring in it…this just might be the app for you.

Click HERE to download Tomatoes from the App Store.

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