Get Twinkle Early…via the App Store!!! *UPDATED*

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Twinkle I am soooooo excited about this!!! You can now get Twinkle via the App Store. It does not actually show up in the App Store yet but, you can get it by clicking here
icon. When you click on that link, it will open Twinkle’s page in the App Store. So…go get it! We are installing it now and will do a full review after we have tested it.

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  1. Yeah! Downloading now.

  2. Awesome!! Thanks. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to 2.0 now :)

  3. Please let us know your experience. We are having crashing problems. When scrolling most the way down on the home screen the app crashes and closes.

    • I am having no problems so far. Been using it for an hour or two now and haven’t had a single crash or anything; even tried scrolling all the way to the bottom of my timeline on the home screen and nothing.

      Love the new look! Can’t wait for more people to download it in Houston – it looks like it can only locate tweets that are posted with the appstore twinkle (not the installer version)

      Of course this are just my initial findings – I’ll play with it some more and let you guys know for those interested.

  4. SO EXCITED!!!! Waiting for my apps to backup since I had to DL through iTunes…they really need to speed that junk up.

    • Yeah I’m really not impressed with the backup speeds of the iPhone via Itunes ever since the apps started playing a role in the equation. They need to come up with a faster solution or something.

  5. believe it or not but when ever trying to install this app it gave me the spinning ring of death LOL, on 2.0, i had this issue before and fixed it somehow so im doing my best and hopefully dont have to restore

  6. Cool guys, can’t wait for the review. I already wrote a very short one on my website. It’s biased, because of my great experiences with the previous version. Good luck on the review!

    • Yeah I can’t help but be biased when writing my review on the appstore. The installer version was so great I couldn’t possibly ignore all those great experiences with it.

  7. it’s on the app store I just did a serch

  8. My iPod Touch 2.0 is completely frozen, it warms up until it’s hot, and has been that way for about 18 hours. Help!

  9. why is this app better then twitterrific?

  10. Yea i have installed it and it has started to crash alot ..hmm