Scribble 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

ScribbleScribble is a very simple drawing application…think paint no, think much simpler than paint. When you open the application you will be brought right into the drawing screen. Along the bottom of the screen you will find a few options including the four color options; red, yellow, green and blue. The Promo option will open a web browser with a promo for the app zintin. The Save option will save your creation to your iPhone’s Camera Roll (which is pretty cool!). To start drawing, select a color and then drag your finger on the screen. To erase a drawing, shake your iPhone. Very simple…no bells and whistles with this one. I do think the accelerometer is a little touchy on the shake to erase…a few of my drawings got erased on accident! This could be a good app if you are sitting around waiting for a bus or in the doctor’s office or trying to entertain a small child! I think there should be a contest on who can create the sweetest drawing using Scribble!

Click HERE to download Scribble via the App Store.

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