3D Liquid Battery

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

The following is a optional replacement battery for your lock screen. It is called 3D Liquid Battery. It is available through the BigBoss Source.

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  1. it works on firmware 2.0

  2. Hi I’ve installed it but how do you launch it?
    tks in advance

  3. hello.

    i know this is late to reply to this post, but i would like to ask you a question which would fits in the right category and i used your categories list thingy… so, battery, it is. :D

    so, the question is how do you snapshot the lockscreen? mine seems not to be working and i used the same method as the original keys (press power button and home button). i have a first generation iphone and 2.1 firmware.

    thanks. :]

  4. i have been looking for this caned of thing


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