How to take a Screenshot of your iPhone’s Lock Screen

AiS Ok, for the longest time I have not been able to figure out how to easily take a screenshot of my lock screen on my iPhone. Honestly, I was hoping we would see Capture updated for the 2.x firmware but since it has not happened yet I decided I better try a different method (though, I am still hoping to see Capture!)! Here is what I figured out…ok, Doug actually told me about it! :) Either way, below are step-by-step instructions on how to take a screenshot of your lock screen on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

1. Installer UIKits Tools via Cydia

2. Restart your iPhone (full restart…all the way off and then back on)

3. SSH into your iPhone using mobile instead of root. You will need to create a new login. The Host Name is still your IP address however, the User Name is mobile (instead of root), the password is still alpine. For more info on SSHing into your iPhone…see our SSH page.

4. Once you are into your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will need to open Terminal. If you are using WinSCP you can press the Control button and the “T” key, on your keyboard, at the same time and it will open a terminal window. If you are not using WinSCP you can Google how to open a terminal using your program.

5. Make sure your iPhone is on the lock screen and your lock screen is illuminated.

6. Type uishoot into the command area and execute the command.

Doug and I always get an error saying that the command failed but, the screenshot always shows up in our Camera Roll. So, I’m not sure if it is actually supposed to do that or not but, it still works.

8. Go into the Camera Roll on your iPhone and find your screenshot.

Overall, this is a fairly simple way to take a screenshot of your lock screen. Maybe not the most convent way but, simple none the less.

Note: This method will only work if you are near a computer.

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  1. Nice one! I actually wrote about this on my blog last week but I didn’t have it so detailed.

  2. Good info!

  3. Firmware 2.x.x allows you take screen shots by clicking first home that power button quickly. The screen will flash and after that in Pictures you will have the screen shot.

  4. I always found to easiest way to take a screenshot of your iPhone’s lock screen is by remotely logging in through a VNC server onto your iPhone, with Veency installer, and taking a screenshot on computer. Although, it is a slight haste if you want it to be in your Camera Roll

  5. you can do it with veency too (vnc server on iPhone/iPod Touch)

  6. return code 0 means no error. so although it seems to be an error message, as it says it has failed with code 0 equals everything was okay. :)

  7. lol !!!!
    I’m sorry to say but there’s a very easy way to take a lock screen screenshot :

    STEP 1 = drag the sliders to the right
    STEP 2 = press power and home button just after releasing the slider
    STEP 3 = profit :)

    no joke, it works .

    • This is definitely another way to do it. Though, it takes practice in order to get it to capture the wallpaper and the slider correctly. Also, you can only use this method if you do not have a passcode on your unlock screen. But, it is an option.

  8. This does not capture the slider

  9. DJContagious says

    nice one

    doug, you frikkin genius lol

    i’ll check this out soon

  10. i.k.o is correct good job, but the timings a little hard and it shows it as if i have just a black wallpaper: /

  11. What I do to take a screenshot of my lockscreen is to hold the iPhone with my right hand, my forefinger on the sleep button, and my thumb on the “Slide to Unlock” toggle. With my left thumb on the “Menu/Home” button, I slide to unlock and then rapidly press Sleep + Home, and Poof! Screenshot!! Even away from a computer :) – takes practice, but I’ve done it :)

  12. Nice. But its not practical to connect to WiFi and SSH everytime to take a screenshot… Hope to see Capture 2.0….

  13. You know brooke you could just press the

    Sleep mode + Home Screen button at the same time for a quick sec and it will appear in your photos. No need for a program to take pics. :D

    • have you tried out this method?

      did you know that it doesn’t work?

      that method works for everything but the lockscreen, because for some reason the lockscreen is different. like i’ve noticed even if you turn auto-sleep ( or something ) off. the lockscreen will still turn off if it’s inactive.

  14. Brooke,

    I just wanted to let you know that a website totally ripped off this post by copy/pasting it… This website just steals content from other blogs to populate his own blog (yes I know, that sucks).

    For info, this is the post in question (I removed the .com to NOT make it an active link…): http://ipodsurjan.wordpress. /2008/10/17/taking-snapshot-of-homescreen/


  15. i have an unlocked, jailbroken iphone 3g. before it was ulocked, it had the option of setting a passcode under the general settings. now, that option has disappeared from the settings. any clue on how to reinstate it without restoring the phone? i don’t want to have to pay to unlock/jailbreak it again.