Cube Runner 1.0

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Cube Runner is an application that I have seen in the App Store since the very beginning but, I never had a chance to check it out. Well, as I was sitting down to do a review of another application…I got distracted playing Cube Runner and thought I would a review of it instead! :) Cube Runner is a simple game where you guide your ship through a landscape of cubes. It uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to move the ship. When you open the application, you will get the main screen where you have three options; Select Level Pack (easy, medium or hard), Start New Game and an information icon. The information icon will give you another menu with the options; Instructions, Change to Landscape, Calibration, Clear High Score, Manage Level Packs and About. Everything on this menu is pretty self explanatory and very simple. The Manage Level Packs option does allow you to Add and Remove level packs which is pretty cool. Additional level packs can be added via a URL. Selecting Done in the lower right corner will bring you back out to the main menu.

Now you will want to select your Level Pack and then select Start New Game. The game will automatically being so be ready to start right away. Your Current Score and Hi Score are displayed at the top of the screen. The controls respond very nicely. They are accurate and quick. You can pause the game by tapping on the screen. If you hit a cube, your ship will explode and you will be brought back out to the main menu. Overall, for a free app, this one is pretty decent. Let me know in the comments if you have downloaded this game and what you think of it.

Click HERE to download Cube Runner from the App Store.

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  1. I prefer playing in Landscape mode. So far, on Hard, my high score is 145.

    If you get far enough, everything goes black and the cubes turn green.

    • 152 is mine, ya thats whats cool about it, I wonder whats past all the black and green x ray course

    • just got 161 on easy mode, hard mode is def better and suggest all to play on that one as its better and more challenging

    • black and white is 3rd. black and pink is 4th. then it restarts. (at least thats how the computer version works). the comp version is called cube field

    • my High score on easy is 597
      my high score on medium is 258
      my high score on hard is 148

    • gregownsathalo3 says

      I got 468 on easy! I couldn’t believe it. After the cubes go green they go back to normal and then there is around 10 second diffeerences between green and normal

    • easy 5059
      medyum 2000
      hard 500
      i play portrait mode

  2. Very very addictive. I play it at the highest speed (Hard Level). It actually feels as riding through heavy traffic with a high speed motorcycle. My highest score is 118 (I also play it in ladscape mode)

  3. This is similar to the game Cube Field which you can play on your computer.

  4. got to 547 on easy, but i can say that after the black and green, the colors return to normal and it appeard to cycle over and over but getting more challenging everytime

  5. I got to 147 on hard. Great game!

  6. LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!

  7. Anyone know where to get additional level packs?

  8. i got to 732 on easy and after the black and green it goes back to color with the diagonal segments inbetween as well as these little door opening segments inbetween and it switched between black and color like 4 times before i died so i think that it just does that for the rest of the game

    • i got 1056 but does any1 know how to get any more level packs other than the sample layout

  9. i got 300 on hard. i think the green and black xray part just repeats itself until you die on hard mode.

    • cube runner man says

      after the 3rd black and green zig zag on hard it returns the regular mode but u reach another challenging part pretty quickly…my top score is 368 at the moment

  10. You can get more levels from here:

    they have an entire list of user-made levels

  11. 853 easy!!
    328 medium
    144 hard

  12. Andy Black says

    778 easy
    315 hard ez no big bayo

  13. I’ve gotten 1343 on easy and 315 on hard.

    It’s literally impossible to get passed 315 on hard. If anyone has gotten how, please explain?

  14. 278 on hard…. James if you got 315 you’re a freaking Jedi

  15. awesome app. Got 238 on hard ;P

  16. daniel baddeley says

    ive gotten 1213 on normal havent played it since got sick and tired from starting from scratch