Labyrinth Lite Edition 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

If you had a jailbroke iPhone, this application will feel very familiar. It is basically the Installer version of the application ported to 2.0 and added to the App Store. The Lite Edition of Labyrinth gives you ten levels to play (which is basically enough to get you totally addicted…forcing you to upgrade to the full version :) ). The full version of the application is $6.99. When you open Labyrinth, you will get the main screen with three options on the lower menu bar; Play, Settings and Credits. In the Settings option you have the ability to turn on/off the Game time limit and the ability to Calibrate your iPhone. To get back to the main menu, select Back in the lower left corner.

To start the application, select Play on the lower menu bar. Here you will see that only one level pack is available with the Lite Version of the application. When you select the Level Pack, it will bring you directly into the first level of the game. The object of the game is to get the silver ball to the checkered ball without falling in the holes by tilting your iPhone. When you are in the game, you can tap the screen to bring up the controls which allow you to go back to the Level Pack screen by selecting the Home icon, go to the next level or go back to a previous level. When you finish you will get a screen displaying which level you passed and the amount of time it took for you to pass the level. You then have the option to go to the next level or go back to the Level Pack screen.

I find the controls to be really nice and very accurate (as they were with the Installer version of the application). I do feel like the ball bounces a little more than it previously did but, maybe that is just me over analyzing! Overall, this is a really fun, highly addicting game. Definitely worth checking out!

Click HERE to download Labyrinth Lite Edition from the App Store.

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  1. Question: I was running this application on 1.1.4 and paid for it. Now that I’ve upgraded to 2.0 with the pwnage tool, is the devoloper letting people who upgraded to 2.0 get this application free of charge since we had already purchased it before it was on the App Store? It would make sense to me.


  2. i feel like this one is way more sensative to accelerometer than the old Installer version… the ball moves around way easier with a small tilt than it used to.. making levels harder.

    i guess it will take a little getting used to.

  3. That suck because I had bought the license when it was from installer and now I have to pay again? Is there any way to retrieve that license?

  4. Ok so I emailed the developer of Labyrinth about people who previously purchased the app before it was on the app store and if we could get it without having to pay again. I’m waiting on a response. I’ll let you all know what it is when he gets back to me.

  5. videoflyer says

    Have any sound fx been added? I love this game on my 1st gen iphone but like many games for jailbroken iphones it was mute. I’d love to hear the ball rolling around, bumping into obstacles and falling through the holes…

  6. can you manually add level packs via ssh. if so, what directory

  7. Ok so I got my reply from the devolper regarding previous owners of Labyrinth and if we could get it for free with proof of license through the app store. Here is his reply.

    “I would very much like to make it possible to update to the App Store version from the jailbroken version but unfortunately it is not yet possible. I am investigating different alternatives, for example something called “Redemption Codes” from Apple but Apple are very very hard to reach these days. For accounting, tax and PayPal fee reasons it is not possible to refund your money for you to repurchase.

    Apple could potentially sue me if I published a version through the Installer or Cydia (Because of App Store agreements) so that is not an option. Please see this section from the FAQ that I put on the website a couple of days after the announcement of the App Store a few months ago.

    [If I buy Labyrinth now for my jailbroken device, will I have to buy it again if I want to get it from the official iTunes App Store?]
    I would very much want to make it possible for you to keep your purchase for the SDK version. Apple will probably not allow this as Apple takes 30 % of the sales price of each game tough. So, the answer is not certain but it is likely that you might have to make another purchase from the iTunes App Store. If you have ideas on how I could make it possible to keep the full version for the App Store, please contact me. Keep in mind that Apple will have to authorize anything that goes onto the App Store.”

    Best regards and apologies,

    Well I give this guy a lot of credit for actually trying to get all the previous owners a way of redeeming it through the app store. Sure it looks unlikely, but atleast he’s trying!

    • [Spell Check!] “Developer”. Dont you just hate seeing that AFTER you already posted. {insert angry face here}