App Store/iTunes Bug

BisBoss BigBoss has written an article on a problem with the App Store/iTunes which also affects Cydia (and will probably also affect Installer 4.0). The problem has to do with installing applications. Have you had a time when you install an app and your iPhone just sits there…there is no icon and you have a spinning wheel next to your carrier icon on your status bar? This has happened to me once and Doug a few times. Though, it is always with App Store apps and never with apps installed via Cydia. Below is what BigBoss has to say about the bug.

There appears to be a major bug in Appstore / iTunes which is a service that is constantly running on the iPhone.I have had many issues with just using AppStore with a lot of apps installed. It takes often 10 or more minutes to try to install. It fails over and over and has to keep retrying. If I log the events using “top”, I can see the iTunesStore binary running with most the CPU in the system and a crash report process constantly coming up. Often times, the phone reboots and takes forever to restart. It seems that deleting some apps helps this work better. I will be looking into this more.

This also seems to affect Cydia and probably will affect Installer 4. Sometimes you install something and find no icon. From what I can see, the above issue occurs during this state. When you install something even from Cydia, the iTunesStore app is again using all the CPU, the phone is running slow, there is a spinner next to the carrier icon, and no icon shows up. If this happens to you, try these steps to resolve it:

1) Uninstall the item(s) that are not showing up in Cydia
2) Reboot the phone
3) Reinstall them in Cydia

Repeat until it works.

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  1. steve anderson says

    i got the spinning wheel installing make it mine and quake off cydia both times a full restore from back up which takes about 2.5 hours each time , no way around it so i have gone back to 2.0 sod the cydia now waiting for installer

  2. steve anderson says

    you get a spinning wheek next to carrier and in middle of screen nothing you o will do anything apart from a full restore

    • You should be able to uninstall and reinstall the app…without restoring your iPhone. You could also SSH in and delete the app. I have never had to do a restore based on this problem.

    • Steve anderson says

      The spinning wheels were there for 2 hours both times using cydia

    • Steve anderson says

      I know a lot about jailbreaking and iPhones and have never ever had a problem I have restored back to 2.0 and not bothered with jailbreaking and not one problem at all now it’s cydia I think

  3. fab_rick says

    I’ve had this a couple of times but after the spinning cog on the centre appeared my iphone locked itself and the the icon appeared. After that all apps crashed on launch until I did a hard reboot. Then it was fine.

  4. Jovelster says

    when i install an app from cydia it dosent do a “respring ” like install er did … is this normall … i whish i had not updated so early … i miss game boy advance… and installer … and i dont feel like downgrading and customizing everything just to restrore again in 2-3 weeks

  5. i hope everythings be allright soon :)

  6. To stop it, all u need to do is wait after installing something for a few minutes(if u have the patience) without touching anything, and cydia will close on it’s own without freezing. And u won’t have to restore again

  7. we can’t blame this on ziphone?

  8. Chris CHo says

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one. I purchased many apps from the store. I don’t know exactly how many but as long as I install many apps, my phone crashes on download or update. Trying to recover from the crsh with a hard reset puts my phone in a unrecoverable state displaying the apple logo. I never waited long enough to see if it actually booted back up but I think I waited about 20-30 minutes. I had to restore my phone again and gain when this happened, and it happened many times. I now have a limited amount of apps installed. :-(

  9. applestar says

    Ok, I realized a few things:

    – The less application space you got free (in my case 67MB from 500MB) the more time it needs for the Installtion. App Store and Cydia, both the same.

    – Make sure you delete big applications if you do not need them. Biggst ones I installed: Zexas Holdem (171MB!), Brain Challenge (99MB), Cro-Mag (84MB), Vay (55MB).

    – Mae sure you do not have “crippled” installs: I did a backup via ssh (rsync –exclude private/var/mobile/Media/ -av root@(IP-address):/ ~/iPhone/Backup/ –delete) and found two folders with Texas Holdem, one was 171 MB, the other one was 41MB. Seems I reset the phone once while installing from App Store and not being patient enough to wait. Make sure this does not happen to you! Always wait until the phone “recovers”, it will!!

    – After deleting the crippled install the next installations were much faster.

    – By the way, check your Backup directory (/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync/Backup/) for a valdi backup. I suggest you delete all backups (iTunes Preferences pane) and let a full backup run at night. Phone on Airplane mode for no interruption. I realized a few days ago my backup was not valid. Well, no notification from iTunes about that until I had a restore :(

  10. I’m not a fan of winpwn or pwnage.. do u think iliberty will release a jailbreak!

  11. Francisco says

    I don’t have my phone jail broken but my phone sometimes freezes and restarts by it self. This also happens when I am downloading an application from the App Store. There is just a wheel spinning and nothing happens. Hope apple fixes this bug.

  12. well, Hello there, just wanted to say something interesting, once you’ve installed an application from the apple store, how do you uninstall it, I downloaded missing calculator, did not like it much, had been wanted to uninstall it ever since, and there is no uninstallation botton or anything to click, help.