FlixwagonFlixwagon is available for the iPhone for testing. It’s only available on version 1.1.4 or earlier for now. They are working on 2.0. You can get it through this source: http://m.flixwagon.com/iphone

More info at their site and a full review soon!

UPDATE: Here is our first test video:

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  1. but what is it?

  2. hey sorry i didnt know where to email this to; so im posting it here…
    this looks like palringo is also testing the notification service:



  3. hey doug… this is pretty funny
    read my story… ok i saw it on ur site so i signed up and then right when i signed up, i saw ahhyeah
    and so i was like noo way it cant be
    so i went to it and u were broadcasting live lol

    • Haha…yep, that was us. Doug is all about live streaming!

    • yep i can tell he is… he must get really bored. but it seems like a cool app if ur goin somewhere a friend couldn’t go to or some reason like that

  4. WoW this is going to blow up like YouTube. But for the iPhone Community….. A lot of usless videos…

  5. Lilly, sit! LOL … yeah … they never pay attention when you have a camera on them. ;-)

  6. very cool program! yay!

  7. Has anyone been able to verify their email address?

    • I have an issue with that, the verification email never got to my inbox or my junk folder…

      Anybody has a clue of what might be the reason?

  8. Ambrosia says

    i was able to get it working, and was able to get my address verified.
    to see my (very quiet) test video: http://www.flixwagon.com/watch/184762

  9. I’m having a problem with this app…..I was able to upload 1 vid….but when I tried to log in again in my phone…it just says Incorrect user name or password….and I’ve tried changing it and everything but nothing seems to work….any ideas??

  10. Go to Cydia on 2.0. You can install it and use it on 3g.

    • iSpazio Source: ispaziorepo.com/cydia/apt/
      Flixwagon is under multimedia. I prefer the Qik app, though.


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