PegJump 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

PegJump is a very simple yet highly addicting game (that I can’t beat!!!). When you open the application, you will get an intro screen with instructions on how to use the app. To get into the game select Close in the upper left corner. You will then get a pop-up saying that you will need to select the peg that you want to start empty. Now, you will be brought to the game board.

The object of the game is to have no pegs left on the board. The first thing you will need to do is select the peg that you would like removed from the board…it can be any peg. Now, you can jump pegs to remove them. When you select a peg the game will highlight all the option in which that peg is able to move. Just tap where you would like the peg moved to. Once you jump a peg it will automatically be removed from the board. You continue to jump pegs until all the pegs are gone or there are no more moves. If you do not have any more moves, you can reset the board by selecting the Reset Board button. I have no idea what happens when you win because I have yet to win!! They only thing that they need now is an undo button and maybe some sounds effects!

Click here to download PegJump via the App Store.

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  1. So basically its a version of sollitare (no not the card game obviously :P) for the iPhone but on a smaller board

  2. wow
    I had the old physically held in your hand version of this game when I was a kid 20 years ago. Nice to see it come back digitally.
    start in the middle if I remember correctly

  3. ” effects ” ? :P

  4. Marcelo Fran├ža says

    I can’t understand why in Brazil we can’t download games. We have all the others programs but not the games category.
    Can anyone help me with that?

  5. I use to play this game all the time @ Cracker Barrel!!! Awesome there’s an iPhone version… Endless hours of time destruction!!!!

  6. this game’s easy…. i always play it at cracker barrel! lol
    there’s a little pattern to it

  7. yeah i use to play this at cracker barrel all the time as a kid. and brooke the objective i think is to just leave 1 peg, if i remember correctly it is physically impossible to get all the pegs off the board considering the physics of the game.

  8. i beat it


  9. wahaha whenever i drive down to my grandmother’s house we always stop as this restaurant that has these things, i spent forever figuring out how to beat them :D

    n’ yeah the object is to have one peg left, not 0

  10. this is very easy (hint – remove oe of the corners first).
    nothing happens when you win. it just says that you win.
    the updated version has a timer. I did it in 12 seconds

  11. Iambetterthanyou says

    I win, I did it in 6 seconds!

  12. I win, I did it in -10 seconds LOL