NetShare 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99  

NetShareSo I was really bummed out when I heard that NetShare got booted from the App Store. So I was going to write all about it and I decided on a whim to check the App Store and it was there! I bought it right away just in case something happens again. (good thing I did, they pulled it again) For those who don’t know, NetShare shares your 3G or EDGE with your laptop through WiFi.

The app comes with a guide on how to connect your iPhone with your Mac but no guide for Windows. There’s also a really good Mac guide over at I’m using Windows (unfortunately) so I went looking for a guide. I found lots of info over at like how to get Firefox to work, how to route all network traffic through your iPhone, and what I was really looking for… a Windows XP guide which even has a video walkthrough which is posted below. I even found a video guide for Mac and Vista.

I did test this out and I even downloaded the program to let my entire computer run off the proxy. It’s called Proxifier and you can download it at It’s available for Mac and Windows for $39.95 and a 31 day trial. I downloaded the mobile version so I can use in on any windows computer. If you find a better solution, let us know.

I’m actually writing part of this article using this connection. It’s a touch slow but I am on EDGE (3G not available where I live yet). I did do a speed test on The highest I got on the NetShare was about 130KB/sec down and 35KB/sec and speakeasy showed 370kbps down and 31kpbs up. A downfall is you have to have the app open all the time so you can’t use any other apps and it will drain your battery pretty fast using WiFi and EDGE and have the screen on and it gets pretty warm. We’ll probably use this is the car the most so we have car chargers. We also have two 1st Gen iPhones that don’t have service anymore and I tried to get them connected too but it didn’t work. Overall it’s worth the 1 time fees to have tethering for my iPhone.

Click here to download NetShare via the App Store.

NetShare Mac Video Guide

Watch “NetShare Mac Video Guide” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

NetShare Windows XP Guide

Watch “NetShare Windows XP Guide” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

NetShare Windows Vista Guide

Watch “NetShare Windows Vista Guide” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. I heard about this before when apple pulled it off the first time! Bad luck for me!

  2. I was able to get it from these link yesterday, but look like it been moved out of US store.

  3. SeijinZero says

    Do you think it will make it into installer or cydia?

  4. So…talking of legality..Is tethering legal?

  5. Does anyone still have it in the App Store in other countries?

  6. I have also posted an in-depth tutorial for all of those who are having problems I also posted it on Macrumors forums.

  7. So, if most the people on this site have jailbroken phones, why not just use 3proxy to do the same thing?

  8. Netshare has been removed from Australian store!

  9. Jonesyxxiv says

    I just got it to work. Im typing this from my MBP though NetShare now.

  10. sickpegasus says
  11. if you have to have wifi y not just use wifi

    • I’m not sure you’re understanding. This is to set up your laptop’s wifi to connect to your iPhone’s wifi, then the iPhone’s EDGE or 3G connection shares the internet through the wifi. This way you can use it in a car or somewhere there isn’t a wifi connection.

  12. Grunnieking says

    Well it all at&t fault cause they don’t want it on the phone so I use the Internet cards for monthly fees