Snapture 2.0 – Tap-To-Focus, Color Filters and Photo Sharing

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

##ICON_NAME## Snapture, a very cool camera application, has recently been updated to version 2.0. The update adds a few notable new features including touch-to-focus (for iPhone 3GS users), photo sharing (Twitter and Facebook) and a few color filters. The update is free for those who have already purchased the app.


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iPhone 3GS Commercial – Share

iDownload – Download and share files directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

iDownload I must admit that I’ve had this app on my iPhone for a while now, and I had been putting off writing the review. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this app, and I wanted to make sure I explored all of the possible uses before I made my final opinions. First, the most obvious use for this application is to allow one to download files directly onto the iPhone. I haven’t had much use for this. For one, the iPhone does not have a built-in method for accessing files as my previous Windows Mobile devices did. There’s no “My Computer” to be found (thankfully) on my iPhone home screen. Thus, I’ve never been tempted to download and store any files on my iPhone. If I needed to look at a file, the iPhone usually took care of this by opening the PDF, Word, or Excel document and that was that.

With iDownload, you are able to download files directly to your iPhone, as well as share files with any web-enabled device. This is supposed to be two-way, so files can be transferred both to and from the iPhone. Although the instructions on the website state that it would be “easy as 1, 2, 3”, I decided to put each function to the test. My results follow below: [Read more…]

NetShare 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99  

NetShareSo I was really bummed out when I heard that NetShare got booted from the App Store. So I was going to write all about it and I decided on a whim to check the App Store and it was there! I bought it right away just in case something happens again. (good thing I did, they pulled it again) For those who don’t know, NetShare shares your 3G or EDGE with your laptop through WiFi.

The app comes with a guide on how to connect your iPhone with your Mac but no guide for Windows. There’s also a really good Mac guide over at I’m using Windows (unfortunately) so I went looking for a guide. I found lots of info over at like how to get Firefox to work, how to route all network traffic through your iPhone, and what I was really looking for… a Windows XP guide which even has a video walkthrough which is posted below. I even found a video guide for Mac and Vista. [Read more…]