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iDownload I must admit that I’ve had this app on my iPhone for a while now, and I had been putting off writing the review. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this app, and I wanted to make sure I explored all of the possible uses before I made my final opinions. First, the most obvious use for this application is to allow one to download files directly onto the iPhone. I haven’t had much use for this. For one, the iPhone does not have a built-in method for accessing files as my previous Windows Mobile devices did. There’s no “My Computer” to be found (thankfully) on my iPhone home screen. Thus, I’ve never been tempted to download and store any files on my iPhone. If I needed to look at a file, the iPhone usually took care of this by opening the PDF, Word, or Excel document and that was that.

With iDownload, you are able to download files directly to your iPhone, as well as share files with any web-enabled device. This is supposed to be two-way, so files can be transferred both to and from the iPhone. Although the instructions on the website state that it would be “easy as 1, 2, 3”, I decided to put each function to the test. My results follow below:

Downloading Files
Again, I wasn’t sure where this feature would come in handy. I couldn’t think of a file that I needed to download, but then I read some of the individual reviews on the iTunes store site. kept coming up in conversations as a potential site to use with iDownload. I checked it out using the mini-browser that is included within the iDownload app. I proceeded to listen to several musical files which after I confirmed the “Download Now” prompt, subsequently began to download into the Files section of the app. Within seconds, I had a few songs on my iPhone that I could play at any time. For the record, I chose songs that I already owned, since I have a sneaky feeling that not doing so would be a violation of some kind of copyright law.

Sharing Files
The next step in testing iDownload was to see how easy it would be to share files to and from the iPhone. The instructions said that I needed to enable sharing on iDownload and point my web browser to the web address displayed on my iPhone. Although it did not work the first time, on the second attempt, sure enough I saw a list of the same files on my computer screen. I then got excited and immediately tested the upload file option. Once it was enabled on my iPhone, I proceeded to upload this very review onto my iPhone, and within seconds, I was viewing this document on my iPhone.

Analysis and Conclusion
Although I was skeptical at first as to how easy iDownload would be to use, I was converted soon after playing around with the app for little bit. After reading through the directions and following the “1,2,3” instructions, I now have a method to wirelessly transfer files directly from any web enabled computer to my iPhone and vice versa. This can be a potential lifesaver should I have a file that I need or have at work and I don’t have my usual USB memory stick. As I continue to explore the possibility of shifting completely to a hard-drive less lifestyle, iDownload gives me additional options in helping me get there. The simple little app provides me an easy method to transfer files to and from the iPhone. While I do not envision it as a large file storage solution, it has a nice and clean user interface that allows for easy file sharing.


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  1. honestly from what i’m reading i’m surprised Apple let this into the App store since they have been letting the crap in here lately while prohibiting these cool apps.
    Anyway, good review guys :)

    • Interestingly, the developer also mentioned in his notes that he was surprised that Apple let this one go through as well. We shall see…

  2. Wow! Im surprised that Jobs even allowed this. Im downloading it

  3. Wow hands down best app now in the app store.

    works with edge and 3g.
    download a song you own from works great.

    when I get home see if the tranfer works for me.

    get it now before its taken down like netshair.

    thanks for the update about this app Doug. Your site kicks butt.


    any other sites that work well with this site besides

  4. I don’t understand what the fuzz here is all about, please enlighten me…
    There are lot’s of apps on the App Store that let you get files to and from your iPhone, and a few of them that let you download stuff to your iphone too. These have been there for a while, now why would Apple pull this particular app all of a sudden?

    On another note, David, how can you NOT see the need for apps like these?? I had a Palm LifeDrive (in fact I still have it in drawer somewhere) that was recognised as a hard drive via USB, and you could look at all the files you carried with you on the device itself with the inbuild apps. That’s very handy in many situation, I can assure you. Don’t mean to insult, but how can people get all worked up over things like a new theme but not see the value of apps like these?

    • Hi,

      I agree about the need for apps like these, but I don’t think this one in particular is designed to be a file storage app. It can be used as such, but I’m sure there are better apps for this purpose. I too do not get worked up over a new theme.


  5. iPodtoucher says

    Can you download videos too? Like going onto youtube through the browser and hitting download. That would be sweet.

  6. Excellent program for the price, with the today’s update you can download your files to your iphone and it syncs the files to your laptop/computer with itunes. It is great!! Highly recommended!!

  7. Does anyone know where on the iPhone the files that you download are stored??

  8. do u know how to download movies using iDownload for ipod touch?


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