biteSMS now available for firmware 2.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

biteSMS It seems that biteSMS has been ported to firmware 2.0. The app has most of the features that the previous version had. However, below is a list of a few features that are still being worked on.

– The “Default App” functionality is not yet implemented (it’s being coded as we speak)
– Adding a contact from the address book does not slide away the keyboard (it should, it’s a bug and is being fixed)

Other than that, the app looks and functions the same as normal. Also, if you upgraded iPhones and you still have credits from your previous iPhone, you should be able to get those no problem. If you are looking for a way to send cheap text messages…this just might be the app for you. You can get the app via Cydia, through the BigBoss source.

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  1. can u receive text with bite sms

  2. yep, is working nicely.

    One problem I saw was that I got a text message, and had BiteSMS open, and it wouldn’t remove the (1) badge from my default SMS app.

    It seems to be gone now, not sure what I did.

  3. so does it like give u a number to receive them by or do you receive with ur normal phone number

  4. I never used biteSMS on my old iPhone (had the 200 free & barely used them) so now with the 3G I didn’t get a SMS plan…
    Is there somewhere that talks about this app in detail? I just installed it on my 3G & I don’t see a place where I can make it my default. How will my iphone know where to send the text to if someone were to text me? I don’t want the message to go to both places (get charged $0.30), I only want it to go to biteSMS.

  5. Really nice, I had some credits back :D

  6. My bad, found the answer.


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