Doom for the iPhone Progress

doomI thought I would post some screenshots of the progress of Doom over time. It seems it won’t be in the App Store via this developer but will run on 2.0. Besides Wolfenstein 3D, Doom was one of the first games I played on a PC (minus all the GWBASIC games). Now these screenshots come from the work that Steven, developer of Speed, MobileNuker and current developer of Lights Off, and not that of John Carmack and Todd Hollenshead of ID Software who are the original developers of the game, although they would like to get both Doom and Wolfenstein 3D onto the iPhone. They’ve even been heard to be looking for an App Store publisher to work with to get the game out there. Hmm, maybe Steve better give them a call! One way or the other, it is on it’s way! Here’s the screenshots:

See the most recent progress from Steve at his website

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  1. glory!!

  2. that looks beautiful

  3. Ned Smitty says

    He is the only Irish developer i know of… woooooo!! IRISH!!!

  4. Woot, taint!

  5. SPAMpollice says

    Stop spamming such a beautiful website.

  6. tomcrown1 says

    This is in CYDIA I got it on my IPHONE

  7. looks an awful lot like quake4iphone…

  8. Never thought I’d “go back to school” but this site is worth the education!

    I love DOOM, too, so glad to see the thread on this one. If you don’t mind a couple of suggestions? One, when you get around to reviewing NON-TEXT browsers, I stumbled on a neat visual app:

    iEnvision (in the App Store) purges all the text and just gives you comics, art, photography in slideshow style, fresh, daily … plug in your own fav sites, too, to pull images from. It’s a stress-reliever for me; and iEnvision shows you just how smart you were purchasing your iPhone or iPod touch — edge to edge images fill those gorgeous screens! Here’s there site:

    Other suggestion: Can you provide a “downsized” iPod version of your — podcasts in the ITS? For a lot of us, the hi-rez, mega-mb versions are loooong downloads. Thanks.

  9. Cory Gillmore says

    I think it looks terrible. It would be better in portrait mode with tilt controls and tap to shoot.

  10. Dear Steve,

    Thanks for working on this game.

    Hmm, I think it’s better to change the move keys with Open and Fire Keys.

    That’s just my proposal.


  11. Soggy Soap. says

    hey thanks! wow, it looks great, can you play in landscape mode?

  12. really needs to be in landscape mode.. and the control keys really need to switch positions.. c’mon, these r basics…

  13. The only supported mode is landscape, and it has accelerometer controls. AIS posted all the screenshots including the old, broken ones in portrait mode =P Check my site for up to date info