Doom – Ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Doom Well well, after a week-end of travel, I sit down to get back to work and what do I find, a Doom port! Very cool! The port is of the shareware version of Doom. When you open the application, you will come to a screen where you will need to tap Play. This will bring you into the game. The controls are on the screen. You can use the arrows to move the direction the arrow is pointing. Yes, there are two right arrows and yes, they do the same thing…move your guy to the right. To shoot, use the gun button in the upper right. To walk, just tilt your iPhone back. To stop walking, tilt your iPhone forward. The Open button is what you use to open doors. [Read more…]

Doom for the iPhone Progress

doomI thought I would post some screenshots of the progress of Doom over time. It seems it won’t be in the App Store via this developer but will run on 2.0. Besides Wolfenstein 3D, Doom was one of the first games I played on a PC (minus all the GWBASIC games). Now these screenshots come from the work that Steven, developer of Speed, MobileNuker and current developer of Lights Off, and not that of John Carmack and Todd Hollenshead of ID Software who are the original developers of the game, although they would like to get both Doom and Wolfenstein 3D onto the iPhone. They’ve even been heard to be looking for an App Store publisher to work with to get the game out there. Hmm, maybe Steve better give them a call! One way or the other, it is on it’s way! Here’s the screenshots: [Read more…]